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is honored on Panel 11E, Line 125 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • A dear friend.

    Posted on 5/30/17 - by John Luers
    Every summer I return to Avon Cemetery to visit Glen's grave. He's been gone for over 50 years and I still miss him. I wonder what his life would have been like had he survived Vietnam. Let me share this memory of him with you.

    When we were 17, we put a clutch in his 55 Ford and since he had no indoor plumbing at his house, we used gasoline to clean up. Then we went on a double date in his car. The girls were not impressed with our after shave lotion. It was a hoot. I was privileged to have him as a friend.
  • Friend & Classmate

    Posted on 5/29/17 - by Larry Gilbert
    Glen was a classmate of mine in Orfordville, Wisconsin at Orfordville High School. He was one of those guys who never made waves and was just a "good" guy. He never said a bad word about anyone. I always think about him since his passing and wished he would be still with us . . . .
  • Best Friend in Vietnam

    Posted on 4/13/17
    Glen was my father's best friend in Vietnam. They talked about each other in their letters home. My father died of cancer in 2016, and his funeral was exactly 50 years after the end of that battle, Oct. 29, 1966.
  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 1/15/17 - by Dennis Wriston
    Private First Class Glen Harry Young, Served with the 2nd Platoon, Company C, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division.
  • Final Mission of PFC Glen H. Young

    Posted on 1/12/16 - by
    Private First Class Young distinguished himself by heroic actions on 28 October 1966, while on a search and destroy operation organized to establish contact and destroy a NVA unit suspected to be in the area. As C,2/35th Infantry was preparing a defensive position for the night, it was attacked by an estimated two companies of enemy soldiers. Private First Class Young immediately moved to his hastily prepared position and returned an accurate, intense rate of fire on an enemy automatic weapon to his front. This action of Private First Class Young was instrumental in breaking up the initial wave of attackers. During the ensuing battle, Private First Class Young received a small arms wound in his left arm. He refused medical aid until the attack was repelled. After medical treatment was administered at the platoon command post, Private First Class Young worked his way back to his machine gun position while under intense enemy small arms fire, carrying with him extra magazines for his team's M-16 rifles. Once in position, Private First Class Young again placed a heavy volume of fire on the enemy's position. During the night, he was fatally wounded by an enemy hand grenade that fell into his position. Private First Class Young's outstanding display of courage and devotion to duty, together with his utter disregard for his own personal safety, are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Army. [Taken from PFC Young’s Bronze Star citation on]
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The Wall of Faces

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