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is honored on Panel 6W, Line 58 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 1/30/17 - by Dennis Wriston
    Major David Irvin Wright, Served with the 14th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 432nd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, 7th Air Force.
  • But for the grace of God....

    Posted on 11/11/15 - by Mike Robbins
    I was flying RF-4Cs at Udorn in early 70s. In addition to being a line pilot, I was also the maintenance officer because the real maintenance officer had to go on emergency leave. On Thursday, November 12, 1970 I was called to the flight line to inspect one of our returning RF-4Cs with major structural damage. The pilot was Rich Siner (USAFA Class of 1965) who had flown a mission over North Vietnam to photograph a SAM site. As he approached the site at low level the gunners opened up, and Rich pulled something like 12 g’s to avoid the AAA. The aluminum skin on the wing was almost pulled off due to the high g forces.

    When I returned to the squadron to get my mission for the following day, Friday the 13th, I discovered that I was supposed to return to the same SAM site that fired on Rich. I was supposed to overfly the site at 500 feet for the photo mission. I talked with Rich about the defenses and the best routes in and out of the area. After doing my mission planning I turned the map in to our ops officer who forwarded mine and three other North Vietnam missions for the 13th to 7th AF in Saigon.

    Late in the evening I got a call from someone in wing ops who told me that someone had mixed up the routes and names and that I was supposed to fly one of the other missions, and someone else would fly my mission. I replied that I was not going to fly a route that I had not planned and no one should have to fly my route. They said to hang tight and they would get back to me. They called back later and agreed that we would all fly the routes we had planned but that my mission for the 13th had been cancelled.

    Since I wasn’t supposed to fly in the morning, I slept a little later than normal and headed to the maintenance section. As I was checking on one of the aircraft for the morning missions someone asked me where I had been. Apparently someone from the squadron had tried to call me at the hooch to tell me that my mission was back on, but the Thai maid didn’t understand what they wanted. My flight commander, Dave Wright, was in the squadron and was able to go to the required briefing, and he took what was my flight.

    About an hour and a half later I was in the squadron when the ops officer took a phone call. I don’t know what it was about the call, but I immediately got goose bumps on my arms. I knew something bad had happened. When the ops office hung up the phone he told me that Dave Wright’s plane had been shot down over the SAM site and both Dave and his backseater were killed.

    I guess it wasn’t my time. Since that day I have always felt lucky on Friday the 13th.
  • Restore Wright Remembrance at Nellis AFB

    Posted on 8/12/15 - by Thomas L. Mountain
    Major Wright grew up in Logan, West VA. I grew up in the southern Ohio river town of Ironton. Small town boys who loved the outdoors were brought together at Nellis AFB, Nevada skeet range. I was a rookie and Major Wright was my mentor there. He was a special officer. I was enlisted but he treated me as an equal. As I recall, he graduated from the Air Force Academy. His personality was infectious. I expected those Interpersonal skills to move him up the ranks quickly. I could see stars on his shoulder in the future.

    In 1970/1971 the Nellis AFB skeet range was named the Major David I. Wright in his remembrance. (Update 7/2015 the honor has been lost in the growth of the base/relocation of the ranges.) Anyone who can restore this honor, please do so.

    I wept at the Wall to see his name there many years after his death. Devotion to duty took him from us. My final salute, Major David Wright, RIP.

  • This Man is Great

    Posted on 5/21/15 - by Paul Wright
    To decide to risk everything for your country is an incredible accomplishment. I know that I would never want to risk everything like David has, but I feel the importance in defending our country. Whether David Irvin Wright was interested in the politics involving this war, what he has done deserves to be remembered as he has truly served America
  • POW*MIA bracelet

    Posted on 9/26/14 - by Tammy Tappe on behalf of Cpl. Daniel A. Vaughn
    Sharon ~ I see your post from 2001. I'm writing on behalf of my father. He also served in Vietnam, his term was during 1965-1966. My father has worn your father's bracelet and my dad would love for you to have it. Please respond to me at if you are interested. I hope you can see the picture I've tried to attach.
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