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is honored on Panel 11W, Line 98 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Final Mission of CPT Douglas N. Winfrey

    Posted on 3/29/18 - by
    On May 4, 1970, a U.S. Army helicopter UH-1H (tail number 68-16244) from A Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Battalion,101st Airborne Division, was assigned flare standby for night illumination missions in support of the 1st Infantry Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (AMBL). At approximately 1930 hours, Company A operations received a mission request to provide illumination for a practice Red Alert at FSB Kathryn in Thua Thien Province, RVN. Around 1955 hours, UH-1H (#68-16244), Comanchero 20, departed the Company A helipad enroute to FSB Kathryn and arrived at that location at 2020 hours. The crew included aircraft commander 1LT Larry F. Mattingly, pilot CW2 Tommy L. Kearsley, crew chief SGT Thomas O. Ahlberg, gunner SGT Rodney A. Taylor, and observer SGT Dean L. Aitken. Ten minutes later, two AH-1G Cobra attack helicopters from B Battery, 4th Battalion, 77th Aerial Rocket Artillery (ARA), departed Camp Eagle enroute to FSB Kathryn for the practice Red Alert. The wing ship of the flight of two AH-1G aircraft was #67-15620, call sign Toro 91D. Its crew comprised pilots WO1 Dean L. Bonneau and CPT Douglas N. Winfrey. While sharing the same air space, a mid-air collision occurred between the flare ship and Cobra wing ship. An investigation into the accident led the inquiry board to believe that while dropping flares, the UH-1H became engulfed by fire after a flare malfunction. The UH-1H started a descent to the ground and in the process made contact with Toro 91D. This contact resulted in the loss of the UH-1H's rotor system while damaging the AH-1G. Toro 91D caught fire and the two aircraft separated, the UH-1H falling to the ground in flames while the Toro 91D proceeded in what appeared to be an autorotative glide, crashing in heavily wooded and mountainous terrain. There were no survivors from either aircraft. [Taken from]
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 5/6/14 - by Curt Carter
    Dear Captain Douglas Nelson Winfrey, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • If I should die...remembrances for CAPT. Douglas Nelson WINFREY, USA...who died for our country!!!!!

    Posted on 2/10/12 - by
    If I should die, and leave you here awhile, be not like others, sore undone, who keep long vigils by the silent dust, and weep...for MY sake, turn again to life, and smile...Nerving thy heart, and trembling hand to do something to comfort other hearts than thine...Complete these dear, unfinished tasks of mine...and I, perchance, may therein comfort you. Captain, even though you are not related to Oprah Winfrey, I believe that she would be proud opf you, Sir.
  • We Remember

    Posted on 1/11/12 - by Robert Sage
    Douglas is buried at Marietta National Cemetery.
  • Field Artillery OCS Class 32-67 Fort Sill Oklahoma

    Posted on 12/27/09 - by Randy Dunham
    CPT Winfrey served with Battery B, 4th Battalion 77th Aerial Rocket Artillery. He was killed when the AH-1G Cobra gunship that he was flying, was involved in a mid-air collision with a UH-1H helicopter during a nighttime flare drop mission. A flare malfunction caused a fire in the other aircraft. While it was descending a collision occurred and both helicopters crashed and burned. The pilot of the UH-1H was 1LT Larry Franklin Mattingly, a graduate of FAOCS Class 508-68.
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