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is honored on Panel 16W, Line 119 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Welcome home, Jim...

    Posted on 9/25/18 - by Ed Badenell '64
    Classmate 64, squadron mate 64, friend. Welcome home, you were the best. I am glad you are at rest with your parents and close to your brother I am glad I got to meet him. I remember our times together fondly... especially San Diego 1961. I would love to have one of those bracelets.
  • Final Mission of CAPT James B. White

    Posted on 9/17/18 - by
    On November 24, 1969, CAPT James B. White, a member of the 357th Tactical Fighter Squadron, was aboard an F-105D Thunderchief aircraft (#61-0060) in a flight attacking enemy troops in Laos. During the mission, weather conditions deteriorated, and contact with White was lost after his first pass. On November 28th, an Air America helicopter sighted wreckage thought to be White's aircraft. A Laotian ground team searched the area and found small pieces of wreckage, but no remains were recovered. White was subsequently declared missing in action. In August 1998, a Laotian villager led a joint U.S./Lao People's Democratic Republic(L.P.D.R.) team to a crash site. The team searched the site and found wreckage and material evidence, possibly correlating the site to White's incident. In the spring of 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2016, joint U.S./L.P.D.R. teams excavated an F-105D crash site associated with the loss and recovered possible human remains and material evidence. After each excavation, remains were sent to the Central Identification Laboratory, where they were consolidated. To identify White, scientists from DPAA and the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System used mitochondrial (mtDNA) DNA analysis, dental and anthropological analysis, as well as circumstantial evidence. [Taken from and]
  • Home at last

    Posted on 6/20/18 - by Carol Gilker
    We stopped to pay our respects to Major White and his family last month, when our nephew graduated. I wore his POW/MIA bracelet until last year. I wish I could of been there to honor him home. Peace be with you Edward Barton. God Bless Major Whites family and friends.
  • Home at Last

    Posted on 6/19/18 - by Edward Barton
    Today I had the great honor of attending the funeral service for Maj. Jim White, (at West Point Military Academy) whom I met at Webb AFB, Texas. Jim was a bright spot in my life and his loss was very difficult. Today I got to stand with his wife Sharon and his daughter Catherine as a grateful nation welcomed him home.
  • Welcome Home

    Posted on 6/15/18 - by R. Morrison Borders
    I knew Jim from our time together at Takhli, RTAFB, Thailand. I was TDY to SEA flying the KC-135 tanker air refueling Jim and his fellow F-105 pilots on their way to North Vietnam, Laos and other locations. I first met then Capt. White at the officer’s club. The end result was that he flew with us on the KC to see the other side of refueling F-105’s. It has been a lifetime coming, Welcome Home Brother.
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