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is honored on Panel 14E, Line 75 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • My Brother

    Posted on 1/24/18 - by Candy Minor
    Here we are another January 24th. When will they stop for me. The day I can see you , Mom & Dad & our God will be a glorious day. I miss you so much. Wish with all my heart brother we were still laughing & telling stories to each other. Love You my Brother.
  • Remembering our days

    Posted on 1/20/17 - by Candy Minor
    Here is that time once again that my heart hurts so bad for the fact that I can't talk to you or laugh with you. I can't punch you in the shoulder and hear you say what was that as you laugh.
    Tomorrow is your Birthday brother and 3 days after that is the day that the war took you from us. I know that you would never leave your fellow brothers in harms way without doing all that you could do to get them safe and that is exactly what you did. I am so proud of you brother, but I always was proud of you from the very beginning. I thought Mom & Dad had you just for me so I could have a playmate and not be alone. I still think they did.
    Love you forever brother & miss you each day. I shall be with you one of these days and we can continue talking & laughing together.
  • Tomorrow is your Birthday

    Posted on 1/20/16 - by Candy Minor
    Oh my gosh Clark another year has gone by without you here with me on earth. I know you are in heaven with me all the time. But, I miss you Brother more than I can tell anyone. Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to brust into and I can't cry enough tears to make me feel better.
    I remember when you use to ask me all the time the day before your birthday was "what are you getting me, Sis". I wish I could hear that again from you. I will tell you one thing I shall do tomorrow is sit with a spoon full of peanut butter & think & talk to you. You could reach down & take a lick if you want.
    I know that you are in the arms of God, safe & sound right now. I love you Brother & I will be with some day Happy Birthday
  • To My Friend & Brother

    Posted on 10/27/15 - by Candy Minor
    Hey Clark, sitting here in my office & thinking about you. It's October and I have gotten another year older & probably a few more wrinkles. there you are that strong good looking guy you always were. Remember how we use to play in the fall leaves that filled the yard & we had to rake the yard even when we were teens. The other day I was walking in the leaves making noise in them & picked up some leaves & blew them to you. You better had caught them. Miss you & our talks so very much. Be with you soon.
  • Remembering my fallen Brother

    Posted on 5/24/15 - by Dave Hanna
    Hey old buddy--It's Memorial Day and I just couldn't let this day go by without saying--YOU WERE THE BEST! I will never forget your Bravery and Heroism.
    God Bless You My Brother. Dave Hanna
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The Wall of Faces

Brought to you by the organization that built The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring, remembering and sharing the legacies of all those who died in the Vietnam War. Here you can go beyond the names on The Wall to see the faces, share the stories and read the remembrances posted by friends, neighbors, classmates and family members.

All of these photos will be showcased in The Education Center at The Wall on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. To learn more about the effort to collect these photos and ensure their faces will never be forgotten, visit