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is honored on Panel 14E, Line 30 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Veterans Day reading

    Posted on 9/6/17 - by Wayne Henry
    Butch - It is my honor to be reading your name on Nov 8th 2017. We grew up together and I am a member of the VFW Post named in your honer.
  • Remembering ...

    Posted on 11/13/16 - by Barbara (Douglas) Ratliff
    My brother, Ron Douglas, served in Vietnam around the same time that John did. Our family lived in the Lakeview area of Waltham. I didn't know John, but I knew who he was. I was a few years younger than him and my memory as a young teenage girl was that he was so good looking. I remember when he died ... the news hit my mom and my brother hard and I remember their conversations about it. Even though I was young I had a hard time accepting John's passing.
  • Remembering

    Posted on 8/11/16 - by John Baronian
    I remember playing baseball with and against Johnnie. It's crazy, because I think of him every time when the war is brought up, even though we were weren't close friends. I know it's because I always thought he was such a nice kid. I miss him. Rest in peace Johnnie.
  • Never forgotten

    Posted on 2/29/16 - by Richard LaChapelle
    I wasn't a "close" friend of Johnnie Sullivan, but I used to hang out with him and his friends in the Lakeview section of Waltham back in the '60s. I remember a handsome, gregarious kid who seemed always to be smiling. He was one of those kids who had a tough exterior but a big heart at the same time. I liked him a lot. I find it ironical that he fell in Vietnam at just about the same time I was discharged from the U.S. Army. I remember the night of his wake In Waltham, Mass. It was a very cold night but the line outside stretched on forever. I often think of what Johnnie could have been and the rich, full life he may have led but that was taken from him -- and us -- so many years ago. God bless you, John.
  • Lakeview lost a great man...

    Posted on 2/11/15 - by Jim DeLuco
    I remember John as a very active and gifted athlete ... I recall playing baseball with (against) him, the ski trip where he broke his leg in the first few hours, but was back in time for dinner... riding the handlebars with him steering, the wild ride home in his car after he found out his girlfriend went to a party without him. Swimming at the res. Wow, as I write this, the memories seem to flow. I often think of you, Johnnie. We weren't close but I always remember your friendship and your infectious smile.
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The Wall of Faces

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