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is honored on Panel 1E, Line 122 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Jimmy was a shipmate and good friend

    Posted on 6/7/06 - by David Anderson STG3
    On the day you died, a part of me died also.

    We shipmates did not get a chance to grieve over your death. We had to act like our jobs were "business as usual" even though we had to go back to the Philipines with Mt. 51 "locked down" with a projectile inside of it.

    It wasn't your fault. You were just doing your job.

    I will never forget that day you died.

    I know it sounds shallow now, but..."Rest in Peace"

    A fellow shipmate and good friend, you will be missed forever.
  • Do not stand at my grave and weep

    Posted on 5/21/05 - by Bob Ross
    Do not stand at my grave and weep.
    I am not there; I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the diamond glints on snow,
    I am the sun on ripened grain,
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning's hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there; I did not die.

    Mary Frye – 1932

  • Shipmate

    Posted on 7/5/04 - by Tom Legge
    Jimmy was stationed as the forward, Starboard side lookout and I was about 15 ft. above him in the weapons fire-control radar unit when the gun blew up, killing him immediately. He was a good, decent, life-loving kid that was very well liked throughout the ship. God bless him!
  • Who Shall We Send

    Posted on 5/21/03 - by Dave Avery
    "An God said who shall we send.I answered I am here,send me."

    Isaiah 6:8
  • You have been a great loss to me.

    Posted on 5/21/03 - by John J. Arredondo
    Jimmy I did not know you very well but I was born July 4th 1947. When you died I was only 17, and a ship-mate of yours. I turned 18 in Viet Nam that year after you were kiled. We may have had some unauthorized drinks together on shore in Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong or in Subic Bay but I do not remember if we did. I would like to think so though as we were only a year apart. But one thing I do know I will never forget how you died and what happened to you. I will never forget, I will never forget, how you died and what part I, our Country and our ship had in it. I am so sorry that it took so long for a ship-mate of yours to talk to you. I love you and I am oh so sorry that our country in its very selfish way put you to death. It was a war about Money, Money, Money, Money, Capitalism at it's very very best. You were not the first to die or the last for the big White Man Capitalist to rake in the big bloody War money. The War was never for winning it was for R & D and Big Major Profits and to keep it going as long as it could.

    Jimmy this is not to make you feel any worse or any better but to tell you the truth as I now, at age 52, see it. I cannot think of a single day that I have not thought of the War and not thought of you my ship-mate that I saw on that day in May leave from the U.S.S. Somers ( DD-947 ) dead from the ship's fantail you cut in half by our own ordnance dating back to pre-World War 2. We had to get rid of all that stuff when we got back to the Phillipines as we did not know how many more rounds would go off prematurely and maybe kill other young men like yourself.

    You may or may not know it but when it was all over and done with on that fateful day ( and it will live in my mind forever ) and you were dead, our ship was credited with 13 or 15 confirmed enemy kills. How true that is I do not know, I personally have my doubts about that count and its accuracy, however the Lord only knows the truth and why He so chose to take you that day in May in 1965 when you were just 18 years old and I was only 17 years old.

    God Bless You and Your Family I wish I could have known You better and remember if we ever did have those drinks together as the Lord knows, I have had you on my mind many, many, many times.

    God Bless You, I will see you in my dreams and I will meet you again when I cross over to your side.

    Until then, we will Sail On.

    Love You Forever,

    John J. Arredondo,

    Your Ship-Mate In Arms


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