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is honored on Panel 44E, Line 21 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • MIA Bracelet

    Posted on 3/25/18 - by Joseph Iacovone, MSgt (Ret)
    Dear Sir and family, I too have tried to honor your memory and service by wearing your name on an MIA bracelet for over 20 years. I first aquired the bracelet in 1990 during USAF Basic Military Training, Lackland AFB. I'm since retired from the USAF and still often think of your sacrifice. I wanted your family to know that although we never met your service is honored and appreciated by me and many others. God bless
  • The Fall of Lima Site 85

    Posted on 2/19/18 - by
    On March 11, 1968, North Vietnamese Army sappers overran the U.S. Tactical Air Control and Navigation (TACAN) site, also known as Lima Site 85, located on the summit of Phou Pha Mountain in Houa Phan Province, Laos. During the early morning attack, PAVN sappers scaled the mountain’s eastern slopes and initiated the assault on the American facility. Shortly after 8:00 AM, Air America helicopters, covered by USAF A-1 Skyraiders, attempted to evacuate the 19 personnel at the site. Only eight Americans were extracted, one of which died enroute to Udorn Air Base in Thailand. The engagement was the largest single ground combat loss of United States Air Force members during the Vietnam War. A total of 12 airmen were missing or killed in the fighting on Phou Pha; eleven were killed or missing on the ground, and one, CMS Richard L. Etchberger, was wounded after getting on the evacuation helicopter, bleeding to death during the flight. In addition, a USAF pilot, COL Donald E. Westbrook, was shot down in his A-1E Skyraider and killed while searching for survivors. By mid-day on March 11th, the USAF mission changed from recovery of the missing personnel to the bombing of Lima Site 85 to destroy any captured radar equipment. The 95 strike sorties over six days may have had the effect of obliterating some of the bodies of U.S. personnel left behind at the site. The still unaccounted-for airmen of the 1043rd Radar Evaluation Squadron include MSGT James H. Calfee, SSGT James W. Davis, SSGT Henry G. Gish, TSGT Willis R. Hall, TSGT Melvin A. Holland, SSGT Herbert A. Kirk, SGT David S. Price, TSGT Donald K. Springsteadah, and SSGT Don F. Worley. TSGT Patrick L. Shannon’s remains were repatriated April 7, 2003, and positively identified on October 31, 2005. LTC Clarence F. Blanton’s remains were accounted for on July 26, 2012. COL Westbrook, the A-1E pilot, was repatriated September 3, 1998, and his remains were positively identified on February 14, 2007. CMS Etchberger, fatally wounded on the rescue aircraft, was awarded the Air Force Cross, which was upgraded to the Medal of Honor on September 21, 2010. [Taken from,, and]
  • POW MIA Braclet

    Posted on 4/12/17 - by F/F EMT John l.Hodge,Union N.J. FD
    Dear Sir, I have wore your name on my wrist since 1978. It has been with me thru numerous building fire, auto extracations and NYC during 911. I'm retired now and still I wear it. I will remember you till the end of my days. My heart goes out to your loved one who were deprived of your love, guidance, and wisdom. Hope to meet you in the great beyond. I served on a destroyer from 62 to 66
  • Dad

    Posted on 3/15/17 - by Don Springsteadah
    Hi dad , it's been almost 50 years since u passed..jus talking to my mom today & was wondering how different my life would be if you were still here..I think about u everyday..always wonder if I grew up to be the Man U wanted me to be .
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 3/11/14 - by Curt Carter
    Dear TSGT Donald Kenn Springsteadah, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter
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