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is honored on Panel 26E, Line 4 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • In Honor

    Posted on 9/5/18 - by John Braun
    Bravie, You are remembered. Cocopah Warrior.
  • The Lost Squad of Ap Binh Son

    Posted on 7/11/18 - by
    On September 5, 1967, two reconnaissance platoons from E Company, 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, were combined to create three squads for a routine clover-leaf patrol of the Ap Binh Son rubber plantation, a few thousand meters from Bearcat Base in Bien Hoa Province, RVN. The three squads were trucked to the plantation, and at 10:30 AM split up and proceeded with their patrols. The leader of the 2nd squad was SGT Bravie Soto. His leaf involved patrolling the perimeter of a major portion of the rubber in the plantation, then into the bush and back into the Command Post (CP). About 20 minutes into the patrol, members of 1st and 3rd squad suddenly heard the chatter of small arms fire, the telltale sound of a firefight. Hand grenades and M79 rounds were also heard. The two squads stopped to listen. The radio had been clear up to that point. Third squad called the CP wanting to know what was going on. Second squad did the same. The firefight was a short, but intense exchange. Both squads were told to ignore the gunfire and advised that racket was coming from the direction of A Company, 2/39th, which was also operating in the area. By 11: 45 AM, 1st and 3rd squads had reported back to the CP. They sat around and talked about what they had heard. It was more than evident to them that something was very wrong, and they were very concerned about SGT Soto and his men. At 2:30 PM, they were told to saddle up and cover Soto's leaf of the patrol to see if could find them. They immediately took off into the rubber plantation. On the back road of the plantation, there was evidence of Viet Cong traffic: directions signs scratched in the dirt and limbs and branches laid out in patterns that could not be mistaken for anything other than movement signals. Unable to locate 2nd squad, the search party returned to the CP. More troops were moved into the area to assist in the search. A day later, 2nd squad was found. It appeared that the VC had ambushed them midway through the plantation on the back road. They were taken totally by surprise. Their bodies had been found riddled with bullets, stripped nude, and it was apparent that they had been brutalized after they were dead. The VC placed some of the bodies in water-filled APC emplacements or ditches, tied together and weighted down with rocks, or pinned down to the bottom of the water-filled ditches with stakes. Due to the 1st and 3rd squads being waved off when the initial firefight was heard, the VC had plenty of time to have their way with SGT Soto and his men. There were signs that a couple of the men had been shot execution style. There were no reported enemy casualties, but bloody sandal and foot marks indicated the guerillas had suffered some losses. Eight men comprised 2nd squad. They included SGT Bravie Soto, SP4 Edwin P. Prentice, SP4 William T. McDaniel, SP4 Kenneth J. Krause, SP4 Arnold Benson Jr., SP4 Elmer D. Byrd, SP4 Willie L. Jones Jr., and PFC William R. Brennan. [Taken from, “The Lost Squad of Ap Binh Son” by John J. Bradley III, and “2 GIs Executed By Reds.” Pacific Stars & Stripes, September 9, 1967]
  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 3/29/18 - by Dennis Wriston
    Sergeant Bravie Soto, Served with the Reconnaissance Platoon, Company E, 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division.
  • In Honor

    Posted on 9/5/17 - by John Braun
    Bravie, You are remembered and honored.
  • In Honor

    Posted on 9/5/16 - by John Braun
    Bravie, You are remembered and honored. Rest With the Warriors.
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