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is honored on Panel 10W, Line 77 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 2/10/18 - by Dennis Wriston
    Sergeant Warren Lee Scanlan Jr., Served with Company C, 5th Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 199th Infantry Brigade, United States Army Vietnam.
  • My friend and hero

    Posted on 5/30/17 - by Gene C. Colonna
    Warren Lee was one of the first friendly faces that I met in the 8th grade at Northampton High School. We became fast friends and remained so throughout his life. He was one of the best men I have ever known. The last time I saw Lee was at the end of the holidays around the first of January 1970.We saw each other at the airport in Norfolk. He was own his way to Ft. Polk, La and I was returning to to Redstone Arsenal. We flew together to Atlanta. We talked about the High School days, a little about the Army and the love of his life, his wife Mary. He adored her and I know she adored him too. My dad called me about, Lee's death and I got 4 days leave to come to his funeral. I have been to the Wall a couple of times always visit His name, and I always think about he and Mary and their love for each other. I am glad to know Lee got saved and I will look for him in Heaven one day. This Thursday, June 1st will be our 50th High school graduation anniversary . I Will think of Warren Lee a great friend and Of Mary, the Love of his life.
  • Thoughts of Warren

    Posted on 3/31/17 - by Carlton R Hart
    You and I used to play Army when we were kids, while others played Cowboys and Indians. We fought some now and then, but were always friends. We ate much candy a the old store in HALOCK. I have thought of you much of you over the years.
    I left USMC Sep 1970.I am know back on the Shore and Pass YOUR home area 4 or 5 times a week. YOU will not be forgotten ! SEMPER FI !
  • A local legend and true American hero !

    Posted on 10/22/15 - by Garry Gibbons gs_gals3@verizon. net
    Thanks for your service and you will never be forgotten! Truly a hero and legend !
  • Final Mission of SGT Warren L. Scanlan Jr.

    Posted on 8/6/15 - by
    Charlie Company of the 5-12th Infantry, 199th Light Infantry Brigade, began humping toward Hill 428 in Cambodia on the morning of May 21, 1970. They had already been out in the thick, hostile jungle for well over a week. The grunts were tired, sore, hot, and homesick. The point was paralleling a high-speed trail that was going in the same direction. Word filtered back that they could not go forward another step. The jungle was too thick. The command came down to get on the trail. Charlie Company next walked into a near-perfect U-shaped ambush at the base of Hill 428. The warriors were outgunned and outnumbered from the very start. SGT Warren L. Scanlan Jr. and SP4 Donald G. Busse were killed in the first few seconds of the ambush. Sixteen other soldiers were seriously wounded within minutes. Calls for help were answered by the 199th Fireball Aviation which provided two harrowing resupplies over the canopy where Charlie Company was pinned down. Their UH-1 was riddled with over 50 bullet holes from NVA small arms fire. A third resupply was attempted from FSB Brown in an OH-6A “Loach.” As the small helicopter came to a hover over the canopy, hundreds of enemy rounds tore into the ship, stitching the helicopter from one side to the other. The Plexiglas front windscreen shattered with tremendous force and other parts of the body were ripped away from the fuselage. The grunts on the ground stared in awe as the helicopter dipped and the engine momentarily stalled, then restarted, gained a little bit of altitude and, like a smoking, wounded bird spiraling out of control, flew back towards FSB Brown. Within 500 meters of Brown, the tail boom suddenly came off the Loach causing it to nose-dive into the trees. There was a small explosion, followed by thick, black smoke curling upward through the jungle canopy. A sniper team from FSB Brown was the first to reach the crash site. They found no survivors. The lost crewmen included WO1 Patrick F. Crawley, WO1 Robert E. Gorske, and SGT Jon W. Rich. [Taken from]
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