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is honored on Panel 34E, Line 23 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • An American Hero

    Posted on 8/22/18 - by Janice Current
    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Thank you for stepping up and answering your country's call. Rest easy knowing you will never be forgotten.
  • Hydro Friend. Dale Hart

    Posted on 7/10/18 - by
    We grew up on farms just 3 miles apart. Rode school bus together for 10 years. Later we both worked at the Co-op Service Station. Loved Billy Bob. His funeral was the very sad for me. His parents were great people also.
  • Ground Casualty

    Posted on 4/22/18 - by
    Under the cover of darkness on January 10, 1968, North Vietnamese Army forces crept into Kotum Airfield in the Central Highlands in Kotum Province, RVN, and destroyed several aircraft, killed six Americans, and wounded 21 others. Between 2:04 to 2:35 AM, the enemy breached the perimeter and conducted a raid on the airfield with B-40 rockets, small arms fire, and satchel charges. The lost Americans included SP4 Loyde D. Armor, SP4 Thomas Carpenter Jr., PFC Richard D. Devine Jr., PFC Andres A. Gomez, PFC Robert W. Muncy, and SP4 Robert Pfeister. Seven UH-1H helicopters were destroyed, eight others damaged, and eight trucks damaged. At least five NVA were killed during the attack, some reportedly by explosions from their own satchel charges. [Taken from,, and Pacific Stars & Stripes, January 11, 1968]
  • Best Army Friend

    Posted on 12/12/17 - by Robert Hughes
    Bob and I were at Ft Rucker and Ft Hood together. We got to be good friends. At Hood we spent a lot of time at Belton Lake when off duty. He had a 1959 Ford he let me borrow many times. I went TDY to Broken Bow Oklahoma in April of 1967 to work on Hueys doing night flying testing of early night vision development in the Quachita Mountain range and lost track of him. I married a girl from Broken Bow and later on while down there on vacation I decided to look him up. Drove to Hydro and stopped at a pay phone and looked up Muncy in a phone book. By pure luck the first number I called was answered by his Mother. It was only then I found out about his death.
    That was a really sad day. HIs Mom invited me to come see her but I declined after hearing the news. I still regret that. He was my best friend in the Army and I sure wanted to see him again. RIP my friend, I wish I could have served in Nam with you. If he had of lived we might still be keeping in touch 50 years later.
  • Thank you for your service

    Posted on 5/15/15 - by Lacey
    I would like to thank you for your service in the Vietnam conflict. In my history class we are learning about the Vietnam conflict. Since we have been learning about this conflict it has made me look at it in a different way. We can't exactly know what went on in Robert's life during this war but he fought for his countrry and that truly showed how brave he was. Once again, I am thankful for men like him that fought for America.
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The Wall of Faces

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