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  • Wall Name:JAMES F BAUCOM
  • Date of Birth:6/22/1946
  • Date of Casualty:2/28/1968
  • Home of Record:LAPEER
  • County of Record:LAPEER COUNTY
  • State:MI
  • Branch of Service:MARINE CORPS
  • Rank:CPL
  • Panel/Row:41E, 58
  • Casualty Province:QUANG NAM


  • Date of Birth:1/31/1948
  • Date of Casualty:2/28/1968
  • Home of Record:HAMBURG
  • County of Record:FREMONT COUNTY
  • State:IA
  • Branch of Service:AIR FORCE
  • Rank:SGT
  • Panel/Row:41E, 59
  • Casualty Province:BIEN HOA


is honored on Panel 41E, Row 59 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • We Love You and Will Never Forget You.

    Posted on 2/14/16 - by Maria Piccione
    Mom and I missed you always Freddie, now she is with you and all those we loved in Heaven. You will always be present in my mind and in my heart.
    Freddie, You would be so proud of your little baby girl Donnamarie. Who also loves and misses you and feels the pain of not having you in her life. You also have two beautiful grand daughters Antoinette & Ashley, and two great grand daughters, Selena & Gabriella.
    Remembering you on Valentines Day and Always. Your sister In-Law, Maria.
  • My uncle

    Posted on 11/11/15
    Hi my name is Dinah and even though I never met you I miss and your sister (my grandma) would not be the same if those 20 year you weren't there for her as she was tell my about you I was truly honored that you are my uncle also some tears came with that and your little girl I only meet once when I was at your parents house cleaning it up to sale it I hope you and your parent are safe up there and I know you will be watching over us as we take every step
    happy Veterans Day
  • Semper Fi, Corporal.

    Posted on 2/28/14 - by A Marine Corporal, Quang Tri, Vietnam
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 2/11/14 - by Curt Carter
    Dear CPL Alfredo Benigni, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, and the best salute a civilian can muster for you, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • Last Mission of U.S. Marine Corps helicopter CH-46D tail number 153360

    Posted on 3/23/13 - by

    This aircraft was downed by heavy automatic weapons fire enroute to Khe Sanh on a recovery mission. The helicopter crashed, rolled down a mountain, exploded and burned. There were no survivors. The crew included aircraft commander MAJ Edwin G. Meixner, pilot CAPT Robert L. Sevell, crew chief CPL Alfredo Benigni, and gunners CPL Danny D. Gard and SGT Marc W. McCabe. The aircraft was also carrying 18 passengers: CPL Kenneth R. Bradley, LCPL Ronald S. H. Christman, CPL Donald N. Cooper, LCPL John A. Thotland, SGT John P. Toth, CPL William O. Turner, BU1 Charles O. Spillman, CAPT Jay W. Stull, PFC Emmett C. Stanton, SGT Charles E. Parsons, SGT James H. Mikels, CAPT John P. Ellis, LCPL Matthew M. Dwyer, CPL Ronald L. Dempsey, LCPL Kyle J. Coles, CPL Robert E. Caldwell, PFC David Z. Balades, and HN Donald A. LaBonte. The HMM-262 Command Chronology reports this CH-46D incident as follows: 'One (1) aircraft was shot down by enemy fire while enroute to Khe Sanh, (XD916522) all twenty three (23) occupants on the aircraft were killed.' The 3rd Marine Division operations log February 28, 1968 entry 154 at 1315H says: 'From 4th Marines: At [1229H] one CH-46 aircraft proceeding from Dong Ha to Khe Sanh with crew of 4 and 19 other personnel was downed by enemy fire in grid square XD9453 ... ' Entry 155 says 'Platoon from 39 reached downed aircraft. One survivor reported badly burned not expected to live.' Entry 175 says in part 'Lima 39 platoon inserted as reaction force moved bodies and survivor to LZ 100 meters from crash site. Extraction completed at 1650H. 22 dead, 1 medevac.' It is clear there were 23 men on the helo, 22 were killed, and 1 survived the crash but was not expected to live. However, there is no known 'Died of wounds received in helo incident' between February 28 and March 31, 1968 inclusive. There are two possibilities: DD1300 for Donald A. LaBonte, 6857405 HN (E3) USN. LaBonte is in the CACCF as A2-D-7, died of wounds, small arms fire, ground. However, the DD1300 is specific in saying LaBonte was 'Killed in action February 28, 1968 in the vicinity of Khe Sanh Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam as a result of wounds sustained when aircraft was hit by automatic weapons fire.' The CACCF is correct in saying LaBonte died of wounds, but it is wrong in classifying his death as due to small arms fire in a ground engagement. Looking at it from a different direction, we have documented all personnel KIA on February 28th except LaBonte, as well as one WIA who died May 28, 1968. It seems clear that he was the badly burned survivor from 153360 (From Ken Davis) [Taken from]

  • I wish I could remember you

    Posted on 2/28/13 - by

    I was only a baby when they took you from me .I love you and miss having you in my life your daughter Donna

  • Dearest Freddie

    Posted on 2/27/13

    I will never forget you, I will always carry you in my heart, with much love, your sister in-law, Maria.XO

  • We Remember

    Posted on 10/6/11 - by Robert Sage
    Alfredo is buried at St Peter & Paul Cemetery,Broomall,PA.
  • You took my place...

    Posted on 5/27/11 - by Kellan Kyllo...crewchief HMM-262
    My dear friend, my dear Marine friend, I'll always remember you. Semper Fi.
  • Thank you Corporal Alfredo Benigni

    Posted on 2/28/04 - by Donald Lytle
    I want to thank you Alfredo Benigni, for your courageous and valiant service, faithful contribution, and your most holy sacrifice given to this great country of ours!

    Your Spirit is alive--and strong, therefore Marine, you shall never be forgotten, nor has your death been in vain!

    Again, although we never met personally, thank you Corporal Alfredo Benigni, for a job well done!


  • The Philadelphia Inquirer-March 12, 1968

    Posted on 2/8/04 - by Jim McIlhenney
    Cpl. Alfred Benigni, 20, of 402 Waverly terrace, Rutledge.
    Cpl. Benigni wrote his parents, Livio and Dinah Benigni, of 445 Sylvania ave., Folsom, on February 24 that their prayers "must have been answered. No one in my copter has been hurt. We are thankful for that because we have had a lot of trouble," he said.


    On February 28, he was among 22 serviceman killed when their transport helicopter was shot down near Khe Sanh. He was a crew cheif in the aircraft. He is also survived by his wife, Theresa, and their 17-month-old daughter.
  • Upper Darby High School Vietnam Project

    Posted on 2/4/04 - by Dave Tatum
    Alfredo Benigni was a young man of a quiet character, a warm smile a good sense of humor, and a trusting nature. Fred graduated from Ridley High School in 1965. After graduation he joined the Marines. He joined because his older brother, Leo, had joined earlier. Fred looked up to his older brother and wanted to be just like him. While in the USMC Fred married Theresa and while he was in Vietnam she gave birth to his Daughter, Donna Marie. Fred and his daughter never met.

    Fred was crew chief on a CH-46 Sea Night helicopter. On February 28, 1968 during the Tet Offensive he was on a mission to recover three damaged aircraft at the Marine base at Khe Sanh. The base was being attacked by 40,000 NVA troops and was involved in a horrific struggle. As Fred helicopter was passing the Rock Pile along Highway 9 the pilot radioed that they were taking automatic weapons fire. There were no further communications. The aircraft then turned to the right and started to descend towards the valley at a high rate of speed.The CH -46 hit the valley floor at full speed. Fred and all aboard were killed.

    One of Alfredo’s last conversations about his wife and daughter was on the day of his death. Friends asked why he continued to fly dangerous missions instead of getting a safer job which was possible for him. He simply said that he felt it was his duty and that if he did not contribute, someone else would have to bare the same responsibility.

    Corporal Alfredo Benigni had been in South Vietnam for seven months and was expected to return home in August of 1968. His courage and devotion to duty in the face of hazardous flying conditions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps. His exemplary conduct, leadership, and singular determination to do every job well were qualities that all of his friends in Vietnam respected. Alfredo Benigni is an honored fallen hero who will never be forgotten. Semper Fi brother and well done.
  • Thank you Soldier

    Posted on 10/22/03 - by Kristin Butikofer
    Hello, my name is Kristin Butikofer and I attend Gridley High School in Gridley Illinois. Although we have never met personally, I would like to thank you for making the ultimate sacrifice. You left many things behind, but the most important thing you left was your life and this country. I respect you greatly. You will never be forgotten. Thank you so much and God bless.
  • Not Be Forgotten

    Posted on 10/20/03 - by Justine James
    My name is Justine James and I go to Gridley High School and I am writing remembrances for a project in our U.S. history class. Thank you for the sacrifices you made in the name of freedom and our country. Your bravery and patriotism will not be forgotten. It is greatly appreciated.
    Justine James

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