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is honored on Panel 43W, Line 56 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • High School Remembrance

    Posted on 8/3/18 - by Bob Schultz
    Steve, I remember you from York Community High School, Elmhurst, Illinois class of 1963. You were a "Phantom" pilot, that is hot stuff; I was on an Aircraft Carrier that had a squadron of F-4s, that airplane was a mean SOB and did much damage to the Ho Chi Min Trail. Yourself and the other Vietnam Vets that never made it home are remembered in a painting I did in 1998 "Boys of Elmhurst"; it is housed in the Elmhurst Historical Museum. Thanks for your sacrifice!

    Bob Schultz, Spotsylvania, VA.
  • We honor you

    Posted on 5/28/18 - by Marla S Sather
    My sons and I remember you and honor you this Memorial Day. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to preserve Freedom for all Americans. Probably not in my lifetime but hopefully my sons will see the day there is no more war.
  • It's Me Again

    Posted on 5/28/18 - by Pamela L Major
    Another year, another year of never forgetting you, my big brother! Love you always.
    Your sister Pam

    Posted on 5/29/16
    Miss both you and Tom everyday and think of you both always!

    Your sister Pam
  • We Remember Steven Robert Major

    Posted on 5/26/15 - by Marla Sather
    When my boys were little, the traveling Vietnam Nam Veterans Wall was at Lone Tree Cemetary. I took Bryan and Tim to see it. I explained that every name was somebody's child or sibling or father and that they had died in a war in a far off country. I didn't get into the politics - my boys were way too young for that then. It was a long walk for little boys, even along that miniature version of the Wall. We just happened to stop in front of Panel 43w and I asked the boys to pick a name. They chose Steven Robert Major in Row 56. We promised to honor his sacrifice by remembering him every Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. For most of those days since then we have done that. Since the Internet, I have gotten more info on 1st Lt. Steven Major who died in Vietnam Nam on 9/21/68. I have a picture of him on my bedroom wall with information about him. I will never forget his sacrifice and I hope my boys will keep his memory alive after I am gone.
    FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. Thank you, Steven.
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The Wall of Faces

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