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is honored on Panel 5W, Line 125 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Remembering an old friend

    Posted on 3/24/14 - by James Taylor SSG, USA Ret
    I grew up with Chester and his family. My family and his were friends for a long time. I was sad to hear that he was killed.
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 2/1/14 - by Curt Carter
    Dear SGT Chester George Lyons, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, and the best salute a civilian can muster for you, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • His service is not forgotten

    Posted on 5/28/12 - by Dave Schulz
    Sgt Lyons believed in his country and his service. His actions and service were an example to all those who served with him.
  • Rhymecount

    Posted on 1/27/04 - by Kim Journey Strongheart
    I have written nine poems and songs in your honor, Chester, and will continue to post.

    The Numbers by:
    Kim Journey Strongheart
    (a statistically correct account of the armed forces from 1964-1973)

    Vietnam (the rent)
    In sixty-four, the main event
    began when Lyndon Johnson sent
    our troops to ‘Nam, three million went
    they drafted in thirty percent,
    originally, the draft was meant
    to simply be a supplement
    but we had a president
    who’s political intent
    was to wholly represent
    the democratic collegeant.
    College (in session)
    Any college type admission
    no hopes or dreams, no ambition,
    filled with fear and indecision
    avoid the draft, that was their mission
    manipulation with precision
    parents everywhere were wishin’
    they had saved to put their kids in
    their only chance to beat the system
    of being drafted, or enlisting.
    The body count (quiet, please)
    K.I.A.’s should actually
    be referred as K.B.E.’s
    meaning, “Killed by enemy”
    (Cong, not Russian or Chinese)
    statistically, they had to be
    a direct fatality
    of bombs, snipers, mines, artillery
    so don’t count those who died at sea
    only combat casualties
    fifty thousand, officially
    Ten thousand more (other whacks)
    do not include in the facts:
    heart attacks
    suicidal acts
    any type of murder stats
    accidents, and barroom spats
    snakes or centipedes or rats
    any home-made jungle traps
    or those who died once they came back
    I suppose the bureaucrats
    didn’t trust us with the facts
    Reliable sources (veteran’s organizations)
    Nine million people served this nation
    for Vietnam’s length of duration
    ‘till seventy-three’s cessation
    three and a half million in southeast Asia
    one million, two hundred thousand were liaison
    over two million found their way in
    over one million of them were facin’
    attack by enemy invasion
    in nine years, one million, three hundred thousand stationed
    issued guns, fatigues, and rations
    one and a half percent of our generation
    (with no support or inspiration)
    faced possible extermination.
    Casualties (Husbands, fathers, sons)
    One point three million fired upon
    sixty thousand men are gone
    eighteen thousand wives left alone
    thirty six thousand of our boys died under twenty-one
    three hundred thousand wounded, half flown
    out of there - the lucky ones went home.
    The wounded ( lucky? hurt and unarmed?)
    twenty three thousand lost their mind, leg, or arm
    of the other two point eight hundred thousand who came to harm
    about half of them were cause for alarm
    the rest stayed for more firestorms
    in Vietnam, no lives were charmed.
    and Agent Orange came along.
    Captured (the score)
    Seven hundred fifty-six prisoners of war
    (Officially - but weren’t there more?)
    existed, made it one day more
    because they believed, were sure
    we knew exactly where they were
    they didn’t even consider
    that years would pass as they endured
    every type of pain, torture
    that rescue just might not occur
    they wondered if we remembered
    that they were still alive, interred
    in living hell without a word
    and when they finally stepped off that bird
    and kissed the ground, we all were stirred
    cheers should have been all that they heard
    but no, those protesters
    still chanted slogans, how absurd.
    American cowards (digging in)
    Sixteen million so-called men
    (witless, , scared chickens)
    afraid of being drafted in
    terrified of Vietnam
    of fighting for our country, ran
    and others died who should have been
    alive, but went to replace them
    the wrong place in the wrong time when
    they were killed, but died real men
    it has to be a sin
    I hope their lives are guilt-ridden
    and haunted by brave countrymen.
    George Bush (politically impotent)
    I hope the president
    is shamed by his embarrassment
    tries a lifetime to repent
    and realizes what it meant
    he ran, so someone else got sent
    maybe died because they went
    I hope he loses sleep on it
    I hope and pray someday he’ll get
    his karma for his cowardice
    let’s discuss this whole damn mess
    Fonda, Cronkite, and the rest
    every person who professed
    to sympathize, help, or address
    those communists
    as if somehow they were impressed
    how they killed Americans
    and couldn’t care one bit less
    should have been a mass arrest
    (now we call them “terrorists”)
    every one, each accomplice
    picked up, jailed, and when confessed
    locked away for life, unless
    hung by the neck for treason-Yes!
    the power of the press
    if it caused one soldiers death.
    Disinformation (government control)
    Nixon finally took control
    was sickened by the war’s death toll
    he never thought to take a poll
    re-election not his goal
    and votes play such a minor role
    he wouldn’t compromise his soul
    he didn’t care what they thought, so
    long as we got our soldiers home.
    Finally (common sense)
    First, he ordered an offense
    surprising those we warred against
    why were we on the defense?
    too long we sat the fence
    dropping bombs just makes more sense
    and this border - useless
    the NVA were scared
    they could not begin to guess
    what this “Nixon” might do next
    He sent Kissenger to France
    to sign the Paris Peace Agreement
    He said, “I don’t care how they see it,
    I’m pulling out of ‘Nam, I mean it,
    the NVA can
    what they’re doin’ there is heinous
    it’s not defeat it’s an agreement.
    Presidential honor (for and then some)
    Nixon addressed everyone
    said, “The end has finally come”
    He told our boys, “Don’t walk, run,
    this does not mean give up your gun,
    if you must, kill everyone,
    but get your home!”
    He pretty much was on his own,
    pulled it off, yeah, got it done
    Nixon’s a hero, barring none.
    Never-ending legacy (compare)
    So, he got us out of there
    and what happened wasn’t fair
    but he resigned with style and flair
    now the nation doesn’t care
    Clinton’s  been everywhere
    Bush deserted, disappeared
    still, their reputations spared
    by draft-dodgers (same ones scared
    of being killed, or worse, impaired
    like the guys who went had faired)
    What that means (statistically)
    That means “America the Free”
    has sixteen million draft-dodgees
    heading corporate legacies
    and re-writing history
    they teach at universities
    hold office and actively
    seek fame politically
    tell me, how could there be
    a deserter in the presidency?
    How’d it happen? So simply
    sixteen million
    thirty two million fathers, mothers
    don’t forget their sisters, brothers
    wives and children, and their lovers
    you don’t even have to bother
    adding it, because it’s UP THERE
    they’ll do anything to cover
    up their guilt, they have no other
    way to justify each other
    they live in fear they’ll be discovered.
    Sixteen million sons of
    cowards, simple, stupid
    who’s fear clings like a sickness
    control this country and her riches
    we got real heros diggin’ ditches
    but those cowards can’t scratch their itches
    or make their
    no matter who they are, the glitch is
    they know in their soul they’re
    and I couldn’t care a less.
    What we must do (restore)
    teach our children ‘bout the wars-
    that this country IS worth fighting for-
    that being brave, at times, is more
    than wasting lives to settle scores-
    to pour more salt into the sores
    of guilt of those who ran before-
    to open up this country’s doors
    put out the trash- and one thing more-
    Remember what our heroes died for.
    In memory of Sgt. Chester Lyons,
    K.B.E. Feb. 22, 1971, Quang Tre, Vietnam

    This remembrance has been edited by VVMF
  • Still in his Heart

    Posted on 3/20/03 - by Kim Strongheart
    I suppose that at the last
    you finally accepted
    your time on earth had passed
    much sooner than expected,
    your soul saved by a final prayer
    you lost all sense of pain,
    you tried to cling to life, but there
    was no strength to remain.
    Your spirit longed to find
    God's promised ecstasy
    instead, you stayed behind,
    a haunting memory
    thirty years have passed
    until I finally met you,
    he talked of you at last,
    how he never could forget you.
    For him, you're still the same
    all those years, you waited,
    and your memory became
    his war - accumalated.
    Ever since he spoke of you
    I've felt your presence near,
    and this morning when I woke, I knew
    the reason you're still here.
    He went back, and brought you out
    after you had died
    and as he did, he had no doubt
    that he was justified.
    Because he did that, someone
    wherever you were from
    found comfort in what he'd done
    so you'd be laid to rest at home.
    I believe you stayed
    to repay a final debt -
    You watched over him and prayed
    and you haven't left him yet.
    So, I had to see
    and I went to The Wall
    it said, "Chester Lyons" 23?
    You hadn't lived at all.
    You never owed a thing
    for him, you'd do the same.
    For all you were, I'll bring
    honor to your name.
    I will write you poetry
    and all the world will see
    your courage and your bravery,
    I'll set your spirit free.

    (Thank you, Chester, for watching over Michael so that he could come home.)

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