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is honored on Panel 4W, Line 28 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • The last time I saw my brother

    Posted on 6/14/17 - by Vern Pierce
    I was 9 years old in the fall of 1970 when John, who was like a member of our family, made a surprise visit home from the war. I remember that he went trick-or-treating with me in his uniform and I was so excited to tell everyone that answered the doors on Halloween that he was a real hero and he was my brother. He helped me count my treats that night and I remember him tucking me into bed. He left early the next morning but did not want to wake me. When I heard the door close on our apartment I woke and ran to the window and saw him walking toward the car that would take him to the airport. I don't know why but I was crying and banging on the window begging him not to go. He must have heard me because he turned around and saluted me as he slipped into the backseat of the car before it drove away. I never saw him again.
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 3/7/14 - by Curt Carter
    Dear SP4 John Albert Luke, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • Tribute To My Dad

    Posted on 5/24/13 - by Rose Fields

    I picked up his picture from the mantle, gathered the kids, and walked out the door. I dropped them off at school and put gas in the car. Then started the 80 mile trip to his hometown. My GPS got me lost as usual so I wasn't surprised. When I arrived at the elementary school, Uncle Randy and Aunt Helen were just getting out of their van.

    We walked into the office and the lady there was expecting us. She led us into the gym to a small group of chairs set up at the front. It wasn't long before the room began to fill with students, band members, some family members, and members of the VFW and Ladies Auxillary.

    The service began with presenting of the colors, singing the national anthem, and saying the pledge of allegiance. As we sat down, I looked behind Uncle Randy, past the bleachers towards the open door. Once again the vision that visited me throughout my childhood came to me once again... a young, strong and handsome soldier walked through the door, past the bleachers and with outstretched arms walked straight to me...

    Several of the students prepared poems in honor of our families; the four veterans who lost their lives in Viet Nam. My eyes filled with tears as the entire school sang Lee Greenwood's 'God Bless the USA' and the tears continued when they dedicated 'American Soldier' to our loved ones.

    As the service came to a close the Adams County Honor Guard stood, walked to the door and the first shots of a 21 gun salute rang out. When the last shot was fired, I looked past Uncle Randy towards that open door but this time the vision didn't come to me. As the first sad notes of taps began to play, it was then my heart told me - this was no homecoming; this was the final farewell that I was too young to understand over 40 years ago.

    Uncle Randy pulled me close to him as the tears fell and my heart broke with the final realization, there would never be a homecoming for that young soldier. There would be no happy ending. All that remained was the humbling reality that he was one of the soldiers who 'gave all'

    Thank you Dad

    ~Rose Fields

  • The Final Bridge

    Posted on 7/7/11 - by Steve Conto, Menasha, WI
    John is buried at the Monroe Center Cemetery, Monroe Center WI. just east of the Petenwell County Park on Bighorn Dr., John and his parents are located in the center section, 2nd row in, 3rd column from the back.
    It is to be noted that there is no town called Rapid Woods, WI. John was from Adams, Wisconsin.
  • A Hero Remembered

    Posted on 11/24/09 - by Bryce Kelley (Social Studies Teacher, Medford, WI)
    My 8th grade students have been working on a project to put faces with the names of each of the 1160 men from the state of Wisconsin who are listed on "The Wall." It is our hope that through your picture your legacy will live forever.

    Thank you for your service to your country and for your sacrifice.

    You are not forgotten.

    Photo courtesy of "Chow" Werner (Friend)
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The Wall of Faces

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