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is honored on Panel 26E, Line 74 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Silver Star Citation

    Posted on 9/15/18 - by A Grateful Vietnam Veteran
    William Harris Little

    Silver Star
    DURING Vietnam War
    Service: Navy
    Rank: Engineman Second Class
    Division: River Assault Flotilla 1
    Board Serial 202 (January 15, 1968)
    The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Engineman Second Class [then Engineman Third Class] William Harris Little (NSN: 9199651), United States Navy, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action on 15 September 1967, during action against communist insurgent (Viet Cong) forces in the Mekong Delta region of the Republic of Vietnam. As the 40-mm mount-trainer aboard Monitor 11-3, a unit of River Assault Flotilla ONE, operating in support of the 2d Brigade, 9th United States Army Infantry Division, Petty Officer Second Class Little participated in a riverine assault against the Viet Cong stronghold in the Cam Son Secret Zone. His unit's task was to provide close covering and neutralizing fire for the embarked army troops. While proceeding up the Rach Ba Rai river toward the designated landing zone, the assault force units were suddenly subjected to withering enemy automatic-weapons, recoilless-rifle, and rocket fire from heavily fortified positions on both banks of the river. Petty Officer Little immediately took the enemy positions under fire and systematically began to silence them, drawing intense counterfire because of his own effectiveness. When an enemy B-40 anti-tank grenade round scored a direct hit on his gun position and put it out of action, Petty Officer Little, despite his wounds, moved into the boat's mortar pit to administer first aid to a more seriously wounded shipmate. He was helping to remove the injured man from the open mortar pit when he, himself, was fatally wounded by another exploding B-40 round. Petty Officer Little's selfless courage and inspiring devotion to duty in the face of severe enemy fire were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.
  • Final Mission of EN3 William H. Little

    Posted on 2/4/18 - by
    On September 15, 1967, River Assault Squadron-11 (RIVRON-11), Naval Task Group 117.2, was proceeding up Ba Rai Creek, about 47 miles southeast of Saigon in Dinh Tuong Province, RVN, to insert elements of 3/60th, 9th Infantry Division, when the flotilla was ambushed along a two-mile stretch from well-prepared fortifications and dense foliage on both banks of the creek. At the time of the ambush, the task group was conducting reconnaissance by fire. During the ensuing four-hour battle, the river assault craft came under heavy fire, with eighteen boats receiving battle damage. In fighting its way past the entrenched, hardcore Viet Cong 263rd Main Force Battalion, the task group inserted a blocking force which prevented the VC exfiltration from the area. Despite the heavy barrage of fire from 57mm recoilless rifle, rocket-propelled grenades (B-40 and B-41), automatic weapons and small arms fire, not a single boat was placed out of action. Three Navy crew members were killed in the attack, including EN3 William H. Little from Monitor M-111-2, GMG3 Richard A. Cheek from Monitor M-111-3, and SN William T. Diamond Jr. from Tango Boat T-111-6. Another 77 sailors were wounded. Two soldiers were also killed in the action, SGT Richard E. Glaesman and SSGT Lowell D. Holden from A Company, 3/60th. [Taken from]
  • Remembering an American Hero

    Posted on 1/15/13 - by Curt Carter

    Dear EN3 William Harris Little, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for the ultimate sacrifice that you made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. And please know that men and women like you have stepped forward to defend our country yet again, showing the same love for country and their fellow Americans that you did- you would be proud.

    With respect, and the best salute that a civilian can muster for you.

    Curt Carter

  • Salute to a Fellow Veteran

    Posted on 12/29/12 - by Jim and Tom Reece, and Rosa King

    You gave your life for your country and for this we Salute You.

  • We Remember

    Posted on 12/26/09 - by Robert Sage
    William is buried at Old North Cemetery in North Weymouth, Mass. PH
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