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is honored on Panel 16W, Line 3 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • I loved you and I always will

    Posted on 5/3/16 - by Carol Ramos
    I loved you more than you could have ever known! I promised you and your mother I would wait for you and I did I for a very long time. Received a message from your mother that you were MIA never heard anything else about you again. Until a few years ago the wall was displayed in Mobile and our daughter found your name there. It is just now that I am able to write this note it is still so heart braking. We had so many plans for the future but that sinceless war took you away from us as it did for so many! as hurt as I have been I am still so very proud of you and your service to our country! As long as our daughter lives you will never be gone. You would be so proud of the Woman of God she has became. You have thee grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Your legacy lives on I will always love you Russell! Carol
  • For My Daddy's Friend George Hedrick

    Posted on 5/9/15
    Thank You,So much for sharing....I cried when I read your post.Because I got to know a little about my dad.Again thank you.
  • For Russell's daughter

    Posted on 7/4/14 - by George Hedrick
    Your Daddy and I served together, he was a man of honor and my friend. The photo of him with the dogs is how I like to remember him. We had a lot of dogs in Vung Tau but one was special to us. His name was Wildman. He once ate rat poison and became very ill. I drove the truck and your Dad held the pup. We got him to an Army Vet who saved his life after which Dad and I celebrated with a cold beer. This was your Dad! He was a quiet man and I cannot ever think of a time when I saw him angry. He spoke of his family and like all of us counted the days until he would be home again.
    As i said before a man of honor also pride of service and dedicated to all that served with him. I am truly sorry that you did not get to know him. Think of that person you respect most, the one that smiles and does the right thing for others and loves life, that was your Daddy. I think of him often.
    George Hedrick.
  • My Pappy Served with You

    Posted on 3/8/14
    Dear Mr. Russell,

    My Pappy served in the Vietnam war with you. His name was George Hedrick. The thing is when Pappy was supposed to drive the Lieutenant, you went for my pappy. My pappy felt horrible, but he has scrapbook pictures of you and he said you were a very nice man, which I'm pretty sure he is. Instead of my pappy going you went. it was not your fault or his fault because you both didn't know. But I will always remember you, and even though I did not know you, I think you are a very nice man, just from what my pappy told me and from the picture. I'm glad you like dogs, Mr. Russell.
    P.S. I hope you are happy in heaven.
    Kolbie Brown [age 11 almost 12]
  • Daddy I miss you

    Posted on 11/11/13
    Although I can't remember meeting you for I was only 2 .
    You will always remain in my heart. And I love you .
    I look just like you:-) and I have 3 grown children now
    And my son looks like you too:-) I wish you was here to share
    My life with me... But I know we will meet again
    Some day.... But until that day I will keep you safe
    In my heart...... I love you daddy:-)
    Miss You
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The Wall of Faces

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