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is honored on Panel 44E, Line 60 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • You are not forgotten

    Posted on 9/2/17 - by jerry sandwisch wood cty.ohio nam vet 1969-70 army 173rd abn bde
    The war may be forgotten but the warrior will always be remembered !!!! All gave Some-Some gave All. Rest in peace Leroy. :-(
  • From Germany to Vietnam

    Posted on 10/23/15 - by Thomas Harrison
    LeRoy Katterhenry was my best friend in High School. We rode motorcycles together and had a lot of fun. He had it made in Germany with a three year tour but decided that "he was tired of shooting at card board targets" and volunteered for Vietnam. We both happened to be on leave in Columbus, Ohio when he told me what he did. I was not happy about his decision because I knew he would try to overachieve and in the process run a high risk of being killed. I was a weapons mechanic on the F-105 Thunderchief and was at serious risk myself but nothing like he faced. I learned of his death through a MARS station at our base when I called home. Since he had less than 2 week left in country, he should have never been in the field when it happened. RIP LeRoy, I still miss you.
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 3/23/14 - by Curt Carter
    Dear SGT Leroy W Katterhenry Jr, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • W

    Posted on 5/22/11 - by Robert Sage
    Leroy is buried at Deer Creek Township Cemetery, Lafayette, Madison County,OH.
  • About Leroy Katterhenry

    Posted on 5/12/10 - by Frenchie
    About Leroy Katterhenry

    I had never seen or spoken to Leroy but yet i can say i was there when he died in Vietnam. Leroy was a 1st platoon member and died on March 15,1968. I was a very new guy in my own platoon the day of the incident. We were patrolling (company size) in an area that i cannot

    put my finger had to be not far from LZ Polar Bear where wedismantled it when i joined the company in late february 1968. We had

    been in an area where we accidentally discovered an NVA camp that was was kind of crazy there...a creek rang through it...and

    every few feet we would find ammo, or NVA uniforms or mortar shells...not cases but individual if it was left/

    abandoned there in a hurry....

    A couple days later we were in a valley shaped like an "L" with rice paddies everywere on the bottom and what looked like an island in the

    middle...probably a hill...We were walking on the contour of the side of the valleyif you visualized an upsided down L with the long end pointing downward you would have the shape of the valley in generalwe were at the Tip of the L and I heard talking ahead of meI started asking questions as to what was going on ahead of usit took a while because I had no clue as

    to the reason of the conversations going on..the WORD started to filter down to my spot that gooks were spottedI started asking where

    etc and looked in the direction they pointed it out to meand waaaaaaaaaay out thereI do mean wayyyyy out there at the OTHER end of

    the L I could see someone walkingit was several hundred yards from our spot as the bird flies and frankly I had no idea what it was for

    sure other than someone walking aroundin hindsight I should have known and others should have known it was NOT a farmer the person was in a clearing in the jungle on the side of the mountain at the other end of the LI do recall our platoon leader looking in the direction

    with field glassesprobably 7x35 sizenot much detail thereI dont know who saw the man first or which platoon did the discovery.

    I do not know what kind of talk went on or what was decided by the higher upsbut it was clear that no arty was called in and nothing

    else happened that I could seethe whole thing probably lasted a half hourso we saddled up and started moving again following the contour

    of the mountain/hill.we got to the point where the short and long part of the L met and we were near the Island ( I got a picture of

    it in the album)it was all just fineit took us about another day to get to that pointwe just got to the end of the L and all hell

    broke ...gunfire erupted ahead of us (1st platoon was point that day)LOTS of automatic gunfirewe froze on our trackswe were still in a

    single file.the gunfire probably lasted 10 minutesfelt like hoursthen the A4s came over strafing the enemy, i can still recall the air speed tube sticking out on the side of the jet, camethey flew RIGHT over our head shooting their 20MM guns and it was crazy because the empty shells came down up on us like rainklink klink klinkrolling down the hillthis went on for probably an hour.

    Then the dustoff chopper camethose guys came with AK47 blazing towards themgreen tracers going towards the chopper..I have NO IDEA how the chopper did not crash resulting in more casualties. It was a miracle!!! Everything was very close. Triple canopy jungle, postage stamp area to land ... VERY scaryI could not tell from my spot how many were taken away. Things quieted downit got dark fast due to the steepness of the terrain and the hills were blocking the sunwe spent the night (no foxholes that night that I recall were dug) in a single file on the side of the hillwith our feet probably propped against trees so that we would not slide down the hillwe did not sleep well that night after we found out that someone had been mortally wounded. We didnt hear of any other injuries but I would think that there were wounded men. We didnt know what to expect if anythingthe next morning we moved cautiously forward and saw the discovery of the enemy encampmentbunkers etcI dont recall seeing any NVA bodies but do recall seeing blood trailssome times that was the situation.

    It was not until MUCH later that I discovered the name of the KIA of the firefightHis name was Leroy Katterhenrynever met him, never

    spoke to himI was told he only had 2 weeks left in the field. Leroy Katterhenry was from Columbus, OH...11/01/47---03/15/68
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