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is honored on Panel 4W, Line 28 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Always wearing your bracelet

    Posted on 3/6/17
    Your always in my thoughts and looking forward to the day you come home!
  • Wearing your bracelet in a road race today

    Posted on 3/6/16 - by Peter John Harrington
    Thinking of you today American Hero, I have your bracelet on as I prepare to run a road race today in Somerville, Massachusetts. You will always be remembered!
  • POW Bracelet

    Posted on 11/23/15 - by Sharon Winne
    I wore POW Bracelet of CWO2 John Hummel for many, many years and still have it on my dresser.
    Would like to know if the Family would want it to be returned to them.

    Thank You for your service to Your Country, Sir.

    My Husband is a Viet Nam Veteran .
  • A remberance

    Posted on 1/15/15 - by Jay- Helen @ comcast. Net
    I just lost my son to cancer. He wore John's bracelet for as long as I can remember. My son was a survivor of first desert storm. Sgt Robert Lee Watson. I lost him 12/23/14. Just wondering if you would like it. His father was a Viet Nam survivor. God Bless Helen L. Mays.
  • Final Mission of WO John F. Hummel

    Posted on 6/5/14 - by
    On March 6, 1971, WO John F. Hummel, pilot, and WO William P. Milliner, co-pilot, were flying an AH1G Cobra helicopter gunship (serial #67-15464) as the wingman in a flight of two helicopters returning from a combat support mission over Laos. While in route, the weather turned hazy. At about 2000 hours, the wingman notified his troop's forward operation at Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, that both gunships were planning to use a ground control approach (GCA). That was the last radio contact with WO Hummel's aircraft. The lead gunship contacted the Khe Sanh GCA and was told to climb to 5000 feet and make a left 360 degree turn to a heading of 020 degrees. The wingman was still with the lead aircraft at this time, but no radio contact could be established with him. Shortly after, the GCA control informed the lead aircraft to turn to a heading of 070 degrees at 4000 feet. After a descending turn was initiated, WO Hummel's aircraft passed over the top of the lead aircraft. This separation occurred in the clear, and then the flight leader entered the cloud layer so no further visual sighting of WO Hummel's aircraft occurred. The lead aircraft landed safely. Search and rescue efforts were begun for Hummel and Milliner, but had negative results. Hummel and Milliner were listed Missing in Action. [Narrative taken from; image from]
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The Wall of Faces

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