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is honored on Panel 32W, Line 13 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Final Mission of EN2 Lonnie E. Hoopaugh

    Posted on 8/1/18 - by
    As part of Operation Keel Haul, on the evening of February 11, 1969, three ambushes were set up along the Vam Co Dong River in Hau Nghia Province, RVN, utilizing two U.S. Navy river patrol boats (PBR’s) at each location. A roving patrol of two PBR’s was established on the river, remaining in the area of operations. The roving patrol, PBR’s 40 and 123, were proceeding north on the river to rendezvous with tango boats (Armored Troop Carriers), also part of the operation, when they came under heavy rocket and automatic weapons fire from the west bank of the river, about nine miles northwest of Luc Hoa. The enemy ambush area was estimated to be 400 meters long and contained four B-40 rocket positions and 10-12 automatic weapons positions. The lead boat, PBR-123, received one B-40 rocket hit on the forecastle centerline cleat. PBR-40, the cover boat, received two B-40 rounds in the stern sheet area. The cover boat ran aground on the east bank of the river at full speed, ending up 25-30 meters inland of the beach. Initial U.S. casualties were one wounded on the lead boat; one killed, one missing, and two wounded, one of them critically on the cover boat. The critically wounded sailor, subsequently died of wounds and the sailor listed as missing was later found dead. PBR's from one of the ambush sites raced to the scene. With the arrival of the tango boats, 60 troops from C Company, 2/27th Infantry, were inserted for perimeter security for salvage operations. Two alpha boats and two tango boats were needed to pull the PBR off the beach. After successfully freeing the boat, it was towed to Tra Cu. While searching for the missing-in-action sailor, a small enemy arms cache was discovered. The three U.S. Naval personnel lost in this incident were SN Larry J. Luckett, SN John L. Belford, and EN2 Lonnie E. Hoopaugh. Enemy casualties for this encounter are unknown. [Taken from and U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam Monthly Historical Summary, February 1969]
  • Another Birthday

    Posted on 7/17/17 - by Paul A. Hoopaugh
    Another birthday has passed and you are not with us. May you have calm seas with the wind at your back. Rest in peace with your fellow warriors. God bless you.

    Your cousin,

    Paul A. Hoopaugh
  • another birthday

    Posted on 7/5/16 - by Paul A. Hoopaugh
    as another birthday draws near and you are not with us, may you rest in peace with your fellow warriors may your seas be calm and the wind at your back god bless you cousin lonnie
  • another year has passed

    Posted on 2/10/16 - by Paul a. Hoopaugh
    cousin lonnie

    tomorrow will be another since you lost your life in the nam. may you rest in peace with the wind at your back
  • another birthday

    Posted on 7/12/15 - by Paul Hoopaugh
    cousin Lonnie another year has passed and you are another year older rest in peace and may your seas be calm
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