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is honored on Panel 8E, Line 134 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Remembering Our War Hero

    Posted on 4/10/18
    Uncles Hess, you will always be our distinguished war hero and we honor you. We are so proud to call you our Uncle. You were above and beyond an officer and gentleman. Gone but not forgotten. Love always, Jeneice Carter, MaryAnn Clarke, Charles Montgomery,Jr
  • Welcome Home

    Posted on 9/28/17 - by A Grateful Vietnam Veteran
    Welcome home, Colonel.
  • Air Force Col. Roosevelt Hestle, Jr., has now been accounted for

    Posted on 6/23/17 - by M Hitchcock
  • My Uncle Hess

    Posted on 5/17/17 - by LeRoi Hill
    “Col. Hestle” to his colleagues, “Hess” to his siblings, “Uncle Hess” to me. From all accounts, public and private, Uncle Hess was a man among men. He was very intelligent, compassionate, loving, and highly respected. Over the years, I have heard so many stories from his sisters and brothers of how Uncle Hess went to great lengths to protect and provide opportunities for them to have better lives than could be afforded in their hometown in Orlando, Florida. As the eldest, he set the pace for the others; education and self-reliance were his mantra. His siblings followed suit, one even followed him into the Air Force and would eventually rise to the upper levels of rank an NCO could attain. I recall the story of how Uncle Hess’ little brother made certain to avoid him on base so as to ensure he wouldn’t suffer the “indignity” of having to salute his big brother. A sibling rivalry aside, family, friends, and strangers alike have told stories professing the great character of Uncle Hess. Although I only met him as a child, his legacy of honor, family, and service to the country persist. A true American hero, Colonel Roosevelt Hestle, Jr., my uncle Hess.
  • POW Bracelet Located after all these years.

    Posted on 11/22/16 - by Tom McCaa
    While cleaning out my wife's jewelry, I came across the POW Bracelets that we both had in college (68-72) during the Vietnam War. I am not sure which one of us wore Ltr. Col Roosevelt Hestle's bracelet since we each had a different MIA soldier. However, we were not all crazy hippies during that war. I did eventually serve after college as one of the last to be drafted. Some of my colleagues left for Canada to avoid the draft but I believe everyone should serve in some capacity. Yes women too! My father served in WW II under General Mark Clark and all 4 men (3 brothers) in my family served too.

    Col Hestle made the ultimate sacrifice and we can only be grateful to him and remember his contribution.

    Should the family like to have the bracelet, contact me via email.
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The Wall of Faces

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