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is honored on Panel 41W, Line 40 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Spec5 Robert Herreic 10/10/68

    Posted on 11/7/17 - by Wayne Wellington
    When I was 12 or 13 I bought a bracelet with Spec Robert Herreid 10/10/68 on it. I have kept the bracelet on with the hopes I could find him alive. If not them what happen to him and maybe let his family know that he has never been forgotten. It is now 45 yrs i have been looking and hopeful that I can find he is alive.
  • I have a bracelet for the family

    Posted on 4/17/16 - by RShane
    While doing a photoshoot in a burned out area in Tehachapi, Ca I found a bracelet with the Robert Herreic's name on it among the rubble. Research shows you are MIA. My heartfelt thanks for your sacrifice Soldier. I sincerely appreciate your service.

  • Final Mission of SP5 Robert D. Herreid

    Posted on 5/31/14 - by
    On October 12, 1968, demolitions specialist SP5 Robert D. Herreid was an advisor to the 47th Mobile Strike Force Company during an operation on the Nui Coto mountain area in Chau Doc Province, South Vietnam. When the unit was advancing up the mountain, the unit was blasted by heavy bunker fire and withdrew to a pagoda, where they set up a defensive perimeter. During the initial fire fight, Herreid's Cambodian radio operator stated that he had seen Herreid get hit in the chest and fall to the ground dead, and he gave Herreid's weapon to the commanding officer. Nguyen Van Liet and other soldiers said Herreid was shot in the left temple and was last seen lying by a leafless mangrove tree. Other operations in and through the area failed to locate him. In 1974, while trying to locate the site, an inhabitant of the area claimed that he had been with Herreid when he fell. He took U.S. officials to the spot in question, which was searched several times, but a gravesite was never found. [Taken from]
  • A Heavy Heart!

    Posted on 3/5/14 - by Dick Wuchte
    "Bobby:" All these years I have had a heavy heart for your loss. My tour of duty in Nam compares to nothing that you had to endure. I"ll see you in Heaven my dear Brother!
  • RDH

    Posted on 1/27/14 - by JG
    I wore your name on my wrist for twenty years until the MIA bracelet broke in half---now the pieces are in my jewelry box with other precious items. You, and all those that did not come home, are not forgotten.
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