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is honored on Panel 28E, Line 49 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • 50 Years ago today

    Posted on 10/22/17 - by Ray Anselmi
    Bart,I think of you often. The news of your death reached me on January 12, 1968 while I was in country. It was crushing.
  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 7/19/17 - by Dennis Wriston
    Lance Corporal Barton Edward Haynes, Served with Company L, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, Third Marine Amphibious Force.

    Posted on 7/4/16 - by jmap131@aol.coml
    ....It hardly seems coincidental that the first song I heard on the radio this 4th of July weekend was Bruce Springsteen's "Born InThe U.S.A." Springsteen's legendary tribute to the American enlisted of Vietnam, and the American laborer, is forever ingrained in the history and culture of freedom. Springsteen's art was so successful because Springsteen was his art.
    .... In "The Boss's" heyday, dignitaries and presidents publicly praised the sacrifice of the very audience to which they preached . Springsteen was that audience. Springsteen's heros were hard working, low paid, any and all shifters, who sent children, spouses and parents to war, never to return home. And in typical anti- Vietnam sentiment, never to be thanked. Springsteen's 1st drummer, Bart Haynes was killed in Vietnam. In a Rolling Stones Magazine interview, Springsteen pained that Haynes never even knew where Vietnam was geographically :-( . Much less, the gratitude of the nation for which he died.
    ....The 4th of July has brought us historical and memorable moments, of significant and symbolic enormity. Reasons to both reflect and celebrate. The capital city of Providence, R.I. was founded on July 4th, 1636. Slavery was officially abolished in the state of New York on July 4th, 1827. The U.S. flag was hoisted over Wake Island during the Spanish American War on July 4th, 1898. The U.S. air offensive began over Nazi Germany on July 4th, 1942. 1100 guns fired at German lines in Normandy on July 4th, 1944; saluting the American heros who lost their lives in D-Day's bloody battle :-( . All of whom I'm sure, smiled down on July 4th, 2009, as the Statue of Liberty reopened Her lit crown to the public. Reassuring the world, that terror and hate will never extinguish freedom or hope :-) .
    .... Ensuring freedom's eternal reign requires the men and women who fight for it, feel the support of the citizens and beliefs they serve. Expressing sincere gratitude for such a wonderful gift, is the 1st step in paying it forward. A means by which we can support those near Gods, who take on a nations dreams through their very blood, sweat, and tears.
    ...The 1st official 4th of July celebration was held in 1802. And while cookouts and beach excursions are classic July 4th traditions, this year in both a literary and literal sense, I digress.This Independence Day, I will track down the family of LCPL Barton Edward Haynes and thank them for the courage and sacrafice they instilled in a man I never met, but have loved all my life. And maybe after, I'll listen to The Boss, and toast a round to drummers everywhere :-) . Here's to all those heroic musicians that marched to the Taps of duty, so the beat of freedom can jam on. May all your 4th of July's be filled with the love of that freedom; and always, with the freedom to love ;-) .

    (((((Thank You, LCPL Barton Edward Haynes))))
    Jeanne Prado
  • Bobbie Manniello, high school friend

    Posted on 10/2/15 - by Bobbie Ann Brooks-Manniello
    I knew you in high school. You would carry my 1st. born around at Tex house during band practice. Then you went off to war. I never got to say good bye. You have been in my thoughts all these years.
  • Semper Fi.

    Posted on 10/22/14 - by A Marine, Quang Tri
    Semper Fi Marine.
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