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  • Wall Name:GEORGE B FORD
  • Date of Birth:6/20/1940
  • Date of Casualty:1/26/1966
  • Home of Record:PARIS
  • County of Record:HENRY COUNTY
  • State:TN
  • Branch of Service:ARMY
  • Rank:PFC
  • Panel/Line: 4E, 97
  • Casualty Province:PR & MR UNKNOWN


  • Wall Name:ELVIS G HICKS
  • Date of Birth:10/9/1931
  • Date of Casualty:1/26/1966
  • Home of Record:MEMPHIS
  • County of Record:SHELBY COUNTY
  • State:TN
  • Branch of Service:ARMY
  • Rank:SGT
  • Panel/Line: 4E, 97
  • Casualty Province:PR & MR UNKNOWN


is honored on Panel 4E, Line 97 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Lt Col Newk Grubb

    Posted on 5/29/17 - by Chanteyl Fulp
    I bought my POW/MIA bracelet in 1968. It listed Lt.Col N.W. "Newk" Grubb. I wore the cuff until 1975, then gently stored it in my jewelry box inside an archival envelope.

    If there are any direct family members (wife, sibling, children, grandchildren) of Lt Col Grubb who would value my cuff, I am willing to give you this cherished piece of history.
  • Wilmer Newlin Grubb POW Braclet

    Posted on 12/6/16 - by Rona L Peckich
    I still have and keep Wilmer's POW braclet close. I think about him so often. I had a family friend who died in Cambodia during the war - Raymond James DiSanti - and although I was only 10, his death greatly affected me...will always be so proud of these two wonderfully brave men and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Thank you.
  • He is my hero

    Posted on 8/24/15 - by Patricia Stevens
    i wore LTC Grubb's POW bracelet in high school. For many years I did not know what happened to him. Finding he died in captivity broke my heart. We can not let these brave soldiers fade from America's memory. Thank you for serving our country and making the ultimate sacrifice.
  • MY POW/MIA Bracelet, Springsteen's "The Wall" and American Heroes

    Posted on 5/31/14 - by HazyDavy
    I came here today due to Bruce Springsteen's song, "The Wall," that he did several times recently on his 2014 tour and he dedicated to 2 Vietnam soldiers that he knew as teenagers in bands back in Freehold, NJ in 1967.

    One was LCPL Barton E. Haynes, who died in Quang Tri province on 10/22/67. Both he and Springsteen were in the band, The Castiles, before Haynes went to Vietnam.

    The other was SSGT Walter A. Cichon, who was in the band, The Motifs, and who schooled Bruce on playing guitar, before Cichon went to Vietnam and went MIA on 3/30/68 in Kontum province.

    Watching Springsteen's official YouTube video of "The Wall" done in Charlotte on 4/19/04, where he talks about those 2 but goes more universal about that war and its effects that linger still, got me thinking back to when, as a young middle school student i got and wore a POW/MIA bracelet, as so many other students did then. I forget how one got them back then - in the mail back? - but it meant something big

    Anyway, that got me intrigued as to whether I still had it. Sp, today I checked in an old box of kid stuff I've kept all these years and there it was -> "LT COL W.N. "NEWK' GRUBB - USAF 26 JAN 1966".

    So, I came here today to find out more about LTC Grubb and it's certainly been an honor to learn about him and to have got his bracelet 40 some years ago and to still have it.

    I was also greatly surprised to see so many others who also had his bracelet.

    As someone else said, I too would be happy to return it to a family descendant if they contact me via email.

    Until then, I will now proudly wear it again to honor the life of LTCOL Grubb and to commerate his service and ultimate sacrifice to his country on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

    Next time I go to The Wall, I will definitely have to find him on there and think about all that.

    NEVER Forget!

  • 40 years ago today

    Posted on 4/4/14 - by Kevyn S.
    Col Grubb, 40 years today your long journey home finally came with your burial in ANC.

    Your wife, Evelyn, helped bring the POW/MIA issue to highest levels of domestic and international concerns, to make sure that those that served and were captured or missing weren't forgotten.

    Thank you both for your service to this country.
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