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is honored on Panel 22W, Line 32 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • From a fellow Marine

    Posted on 6/3/16 - by Paul conley
    His fellow Marines of 3rd platoon, Echo 2/3, have never forgotten him. A good friend and good Marine. We hold his memory close.
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 6/12/15 - by Curt Carter
    Dear CPL William Elliott Gooden, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • Dreaming - Together Again

    Posted on 1/21/15 - by Tiki O
    It's been a long time Bill. So long. A time so far gone yet still so near. I can still hear your Mom's voice on the phone. Still feel the sorrow of Debbie's tears and labored breathing. Still feel the jolt of seeing you at rest when John brought you home. And ... I remember bowing my head as we tried to bring you back only to let you go. Time bends, somehow blending stark moments of clarity with lost bits of time, pain, and confusion. It was hard. Really hard.

    Six years ago, an older wizened soft-spoken Asian couple comforted me as I struggled with another loss. They hugged me and gently whispered that we all cross the same threshold and would be together again ... it was just a matter of who opened the door first.

    A little less than a year ago, Debbie opened the door and passed through. Now when your memories fuel my dreams, you two are together again. It's the same dream. It starts with Deb and me tearing down a country road in a red convertible (imagine that). We screech to a stop and when the dust clears, you're standing in front of the car, arms folded, smiling and slowly shaking your head. There you are ... happy, free, and at ease ... and Debbie has reclaimed that piece of herself that was lost all those years ago. You two throw me the keys, blow me kisses, and wave me back down the road.

    And now ... my memories take me back to a different place -- one of joy, not loss.

    Bill ... we knew you. We valued you. Your goals, your determination, and loyalty. You had such love for your family ... and my friend. You were a Marine You were so proud and we were proud of you. So proud. We knew you. We loved you. I'm thinking I'll see you again (although I'd rather it be down the road a bit). In the meantime, Shine On Bill.
  • Semper Fi

    Posted on 6/12/13 - by A Fellow Marine

    Semper Fi, Marine.

  • You are remembered

    Posted on 4/6/13 - by Donna Vincent Cole

    I remember you from school of course. The best memories come from you visiting your cousins who lived next door to me. Your Uncle Darcy & Aunt Helen's crew. We had some fun times and lots of laughs. I thank you for serving. I will always keep you and Joe Kelnhofer in my heart and thoughts.

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The Wall of Faces

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