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is honored on Panel 18W, Line 88 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • An American Hero

    Posted on 9/15/18 - by Janice Current
    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Thank you for stepping up and answering your country's call. Rest easy knowing you will never be forgotten.

    Posted on 5/27/18 - by R. A. Marsh
    1st Bn., 7th Marines recently held their 2018 reunion. You were thought of often.
  • Misadventure (Friendly fire)

    Posted on 3/25/18 - by
    LCPL Loyd D. Acosta was an infantryman serving with D Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division. On September 15, 1969, LCPL Acosta was on a company-sized search and destroy mission in Quang Nam Province, RVN, roaming his unit’s area of operations for targets of opportunity. Acosta’s platoon had separated from the rest of D Company on September 13th, placing SIDs (Seismic Intrusion Devices) which they would monitor from a nearby location to detect ground vibrations as the enemy moved through the area. After two nights, Acosta’s platoon completed its mission and removed the SIDs. On September 15th, the platoon was negotiating a narrow ledge along a mountainside enroute to linking up with the rest of D Company. About this time, two U.S. Marine aircraft came into sight, an OV-10 Bronco fixed-wing aircraft and AH-1G Cobra attack helicopter. They themselves were searching for targets of opportunity. The flight crews somehow mistakenly identified Acosta’s infantry platoon for NVA, and then radioed in incorrect coordinates of their “enemy sighting.” The aircraft commanders obtained clearance to fire on what they’d described as 30+ North Vietnamese Army soldiers in the open. Normally a welcome sight to the Marines below them, they opened fire with rockets, miniguns, and automatic grenades on Acosta’s platoon. The Marines on the ground popped two green colored smoke grenades to signal the aircraft, which returned and made a second run on them. The platoon leader frantically called “Check fire, check fire!”, but the aircraft were on a different frequency. Acosta was killed after being hit multiple times. Another 12 Marines were injured before the aircraft left the area. The 7th Regiment Marine Commander was airborne in the area and heard over the radio what was happening. He had his CH-46 helicopter set down and retrieved Acosta and the wounded. They were taken to LZ Baldy where they were first treated, many of them later transferred to the hospital ship USS Sanctuary. [Taken from and information provided by 2LT Richard A. Marsh, LCPL Acosta’s platoon commander. (March 2018)]
  • Still remembered for your service and sacrifice

    Posted on 9/8/17 - by K
    Thank You Marine
    God. Bless You

    Posted on 8/3/17 - by 2nd Lt. Richard A. Marsh, LCpl Acosta's platoon commander
    I will never forget the tragedy of your loss on 9/15/69. My wife and I made a pilgrimage to your gravesite several years ago. I'm glad you rest next to your Mom and Dad. I remain proud to have served with you. Semper Fi, Marine.
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The Wall of Faces

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