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is honored on Panel 5W, Line 83 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • A Sad Day February 7 1971

    Posted on 10/21/17 - by Dennis Copyak
    I came across this and had remembered I logged an entry into my personal journal about the deaths of these 6 friends. I dug out the journal and re read the entry today, 47 years later. I did not know Robert as well but I knew Lt KIng and always looked up to him as one of our leaders. I was on FSB Fontaine on radio artillery liaison when C Co got hit about 2 Klicks away. I am proud to have served with all of these heroes. God Bless them and their families for their ultimate sacrifice.
  • Final Mission of SSGT Brian R. Foley

    Posted on 1/22/17 - by
    At approximately 1600 hours on February 6, 1971, elements of 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division, were inserted into the Nui Be Mountains in III Corps, a region known as the Iron Triangle in Binh Duong Province, RVN. The objective was to run patrols and seek out the NVA over the next several days. The 33rd NVA Division in the area, however, had no misgivings about letting the Americans know they were there, and that night began banging on pots, smoking marijuana, and making all manners of noise. They probed the U.S. position after dark, keeping everyone on edge. Nobody slept. At daybreak, Blackfoot Platoon was sent into the area of noise where they came upon a blue communications wire laid out in a ravine. The find was reported to the company CO (commanding officer) who admonished them not to follow the wire as it was an ambush. For reasons unknown, the lieutenant leading the patrol decided to follow the wire and he was the first to be killed in the ambush. A reaction platoon was sent in to aid the besieged patrol and a seventeen-hour firefight ensued. More troops were sent in, but the thick jungle and rugged terrain delayed their arrival. Six members of B Company, 2/8th were lost in the engagement. They included SSGT Bruce A. Van Dam, SSGT Brian R. Foley, 1LT Thomas P. King, SGT Richard S. Kulwicki, CPL Theodore R. Mason, and SGT Lewis R. Yates. [Taken from and information provided by John E. Schulz]
  • Boyhood friend & fellow Vietnam Veteran

    Posted on 11/11/16 - by USMC Nam Vet 1967
    As boys, Brian was full of energy and always on the go. We had a lot of fun roaming the lakes shore in Hamburg, NY. In latter years I realized that in his youth he had all the qualities of leadership. Thanks for your service Brian!
  • Served together!!

    Posted on 8/19/15 - by Michael Cook
    Brian was the least person we thought we would ever lose in our platoon and company B-2/8th Cheyenne platoon First Cavalry Division (AM), he was everything you would want a squad leader to be plus he had a personality that just drew people to him. I'll never forget the day he died but I will always remember the days he lived among us more.
  • Pleasure to serve.

    Posted on 8/10/15 - by Michael Cook
    Brian was was one of the most liked people in our platoon, when we lost him we lost our heartbeat, he was so energetic and fun to be around.
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The Wall of Faces

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