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is honored on Panel 33E, Line 35 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Final Mission of 1LT Kenneth J. Farrell

    Posted on 5/5/18 - by
    On January 4, 1968, a U.S. Army Cessna O-1E Bird Dog observation aircraft from the 74th Army Aviation Company was shot down west of Saigon, RVN. The light spotter plane had crashed east of the Xang canal, north of Long Dinh, seven miles north of Dong Tam in Dinh Tuang Province. The downed plane was discovered at 7:55 AM on January 5th by an Army gunship. The bodies of both crewmen were lying alongside of the wreckage. Examination of the remains indicated that the pilot, 1LT Thomas D. Babin Jr., had been shot numerous times which was the probable cause of the crash. The artillery observer, 1LT Kenneth J. Farrell, was shot only once, between the eyes, which suggested that he had been pulled out of the aircraft while still alive and then executed. Both bodies were stripped of all documents and their operation was deemed compromised and subsequently cancelled. [Taken from]
  • In Honor

    Posted on 1/4/18 - by John Braun
    1LT Farrell, You are remembered and honored.
  • Thinking of you Ken

    Posted on 6/3/15 - by Jim McAleer '61 Holy Cross
    I think of you every Memorial Day. We enjoyed many laughs together , you Ingy and I. I'm still holding that IOU for the quarter you borrowed and wish you were here to pay it back.
  • My Godfather and Cousin Kenny

    Posted on 5/26/14 - by Joanne Granville
    On this Memorial Day, I think of you and your family. Your natural family and your family of soldiers. You were killed when I was 8 years of age and I remember it like yesterday. You were the pride of the family. The loss was palpable to Grandma and your mother. You were taken from your own young family way too soon. You are in my heart as I remember your laugh and smile. God Bless.
  • Kenny was my Godfather and cousin

    Posted on 5/24/14 - by Joanne Granville
    On this Memorial Day weekend I just found this page from my cousin Pammy Wacker. We just had a family gathering for her 50th wedding anniversary and discussed our family. My dad, Pam's father and Kenny's mom was siblings. As well as Pam's dad and Kenny's mom siblings. I thought it was so cool to have a young godfather he was so playful and such a joy to be around and then at eight years of age, I had to be told he was gone. I remember the palpable pain by our grandmother, Rose! Kenny's mom, Aunt Dot, and all the men in the family as a they were once soldiers themselves. But whenever Kenny's name was mentioned .. We all would smile because he was such a good guy, good man, good father, good husband .. And of course a war hero!
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The Wall of Faces

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