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is honored on Panel 21E, Line 41 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 11/19/18 - by Dennis Wriston
    Sergeant Gerald Levie Ackley, Served with Company F, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Third Marine Amphibious Force.
  • Thank you for your sacrifice and service marine

    Posted on 8/27/17 - by Kd
    You gave everything you had
    When They needed you, you were there
    We still remember you
    God Bless You Marine
  • Remembered

    Posted on 7/6/16 - by Lucy Conte Micik

    This is the week we are celebrating our nation's birthday. It is only fitting that we remember you, and the ultimate sacrifice you gave to our nation.



    Posted on 6/3/16

    Richard Hulet
    I served, with the batallion
    8819, Wight Way, Kelseyville, CA., 95451, USA
    Operation, Union II
    It has been 40, years. Foxtrot, Company, 2nd, Battalion, 5th, Marines, 1st, Marine Division, left for Operation, Union II, on May 26th, 1967, attached, to Colonel Hilgartner’s, 1st, Battalion, 5th, Marines. When the first wave, of helicopters came back, for the rest of the company, the helicopter crews, unloaded, what looked like body bags, but, inconceivably, it was flack jackets, as Col Hilgartner thought it was too hot, to wear them. By June 3rd, after a week in the bush, south, of their An Hoa, base camp, in the Que Son, Valley, Foxtrot’s objective, was the village of Vinh Huy, 2. The company advanced parallel, to Delta, 1/5, 800, meters, southeast, moving towards a saddle, leading to a field 450, meters, wide by 350, meters, deep. Delta Company was engaged, with at least a company, of NVA. Gerry Ackley, the 20, year old, 2nd, platoon sergeant, on his last day in the field, after a six month extension,(18 months in Vietnam) brought a piece of NVA, communications wire, to Captain Graham. Captain Graham requested, air and artillery, preparation and was denied, by Col., Hilgartner who ordered, Captain Graham to advance. Foxtrot Company advanced, through the saddle with Gerry Ackley’s, 2nd, platoon, moving to the left flank, once in the dry rice paddy. At 1420, when the 1st and 2nd, platoons, were on line, moving towards the village, the NVA opened fire, with multiple, mortars and machine guns, from the hedgerows, on three sides and from the hills forming the saddle through which, With in minutes, Sgt. Ackley and many men, from the 1st and 2nd, platoons were killed. The men of Foxtrot, fought valiantly, engaging an NVA, regiment. Corporal, Loyd Woods, single handedly, attempted to save, his mortally wounded platoon leader, attacked and eliminated, two machine gun positions and their crews. Corporal Melvin Long, despite being wounded twice, led his squad in an attack, on the hills, killing all, of the enemy and relieving the crossfire, on the Marines trapped, in the open rice paddy. Gunny Green, on his first operation with Foxtrot, also killed the crew, of two machine gun positions. All three were awarded, the Navy Cross. At 1745, Captain Graham, after being wounded twice, chose to stay with the badly wounded, battalion radio operator. His last radio contact, was to the 3rd, platoon, commander, indicating that he was out, of ammunition and that “25, NVA, are firing and maneuvering, against me and they are, looking pretty good...” He received, the Congressional Medal, of Honor. Foxtrot Company, lost 30, men, killed and another 61, wounded, on June 3, 1967. Only a month later, after rebuilding, Fox, was sent to Nong Son and attacked, losing 10, more men. Another short timer, machine gunner Private Melvin Newlin, received the Medal, of Honor, for his actions on the night, of 3/4, July. I, will never forget. Sgt., Richard Hulet, Logistics Support Unit, 2/5, An Hoa, 1967

  • Semper Fi Sergeant.

    Posted on 6/3/14 - by A US Marine, Vietnam
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