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is honored on Panel 29W, Line 18 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • My brothers

    Posted on 5/28/18
    Another year has passed and I am still here to memorialize you. I shall never forget you, nor the day you left us. It’s been almost 50 years now since
    I put you on that chopper. March 11, 1969 for your flight home. I will never forget that day never. I will always write a remembrance to you.
    Go Easy Bro. B Battery 3rd /34th artillery. Cpl. Sal Palmieri
  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 2/21/18 - by Dennis Wriston
    Specialist Four Lawrence Robert Esser, Served with Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 34th Artillery Regiment, 9th Infantry Division.
  • I shall never forget

    Posted on 5/30/16 - by
    Just to let you know, I will never forget The day we lost you in Mo Chy Canal
    the chills still run down my spine knowing you made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. I will always be honored to have served with you And I will leave a memo at the wall when I go back again.
    Go Easy Bro CPL. Sal Palmieri
  • Remembering My Uncle Junior

    Posted on 5/30/16 - by Barbara Palma
    Dear Uncle Junior,

    On this Memorial Day weekend, you are especially missed and you are in my constant thoughts.

    The memories of a 6-year child are few but fond...

    I remember when you lived with us for a while and how you had to stoop to go through a doorway because you were so tall. I also remember you as a kind and gentle man. I remember you as being rather shy and when I look at my son, Thomas, he reminds me very much of you.

    I remember being at Fort Lewis to say good-bye to you before you shipped out and how you had asked permission to leave the building to say good-bye to us girls since we weren't allowed to go into the building.

    I have often thought of you over the years with such affection and love. I admired you so very much. I even named my oldest son after you. His middle name is Lawrence too.

    I wish I could have had more years to get to know you. I miss you terribly.

    Thank you for loving us.

    May you rest is God's loving arms for all eternity.

    With love,
  • Happy Veterans Day BRO

    Posted on 11/14/14 - by Cpl Sal Palmieri
    I remember all of our time in Nam I remember even though you were little older
    than I was I kind of took you under my wing I remember how Angry you got when we busted your chops. And I remember the Day you left Us when I put you on the chopper I said don't worry you will be back soon But I knew better I remember writing a letter to your Parents we will miss you and Never Ever forget you I go to the wall a lot and leave little memos or trace your name on paper putting it in my Album I sent a remembrance Awhile back and I found this web again so I just
    Your old friend and Combat Buddy Cpl. Sal Palmieri
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The Wall of Faces

Brought to you by the organization that built The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring, remembering and sharing the legacies of all those who died in the Vietnam War. Here you can go beyond the names on The Wall to see the faces, share the stories and read the remembrances posted by friends, neighbors, classmates and family members.

All of these photos will be showcased in The Education Center at The Wall on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. To learn more about the effort to collect these photos and ensure their faces will never be forgotten, visit