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is honored on Panel 2W, Line 86 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Veterans Day

    Posted on 11/11/17
    Hey big brother finding this today brings a rush of emotions. I wish so many things, times and places that you were here. You are missed and loved so much. I'm so proud of the person you were. Keep us safe until we meet again. Hugs and kisses, Anne ??
  • Final Mission of SP4 Jerry N. Duffey

    Posted on 9/21/17 - by
    SP4 Jerry N. Duffey was an infantryman serving with Security Company, Transportation Terminal Unit, 593rd General Support Group. On December 12, 1971, SP4 Duffey was killed and nine others wounded in the early morning darkness after the Viet Cong mortared then attacked the U.S. Army outpost on Hill 131, one mile across the bay from Qui Nhon in Binh Dinh Province, RVN. The VC hit the hilltop with 30 rounds of 81mm mortar fire, then a platoon of attackers burst through the perimeter, firing rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, and hurling satchel charges. The attackers destroyed four buildings and two guard towers in the attack. U.S. Army helicopter gunships and a Navy ground reaction force drove off the attackers two hours after the attack began. Enemy casualties were unknown. The surprise assault was the first enemy ground assault against an American base since August 25, 1971. The attack occurred 19 days before the hill was to be turned over to the South Vietnamese. Duffey was posthumously promoted to sergeant. [Taken from, “Reds Charge U.S. Base, Slay 1 GI, Hurt 9.” (publication and date unknown), and “S. Viets Open New Drive in Cambodia.” Chicago Tribune, December 13, 1971]

    Posted on 5/25/17 - by
    I served with Jerry on Hill 131. We were to get together when he got out. I left the day before the Hill got over run and was processing to go home. A part of me wished I could have been there and the other part was thankful I wasn't. He took over the bunker I built and ownership of Pusher my dog. He was a very good person and a good friend. Rodney Vorlob

    Posted on 5/25/17
    We were to meet when Jerry got home either in Wi or Mi. I herd the hill got over run just before I left to go home. I left one day early or I would have been there to. He was a very good friend
  • Jerry was a neighbor, a kid I knew growing up

    Posted on 5/30/16 - by Phil Nash
    When I was a 4-H kid in Ionia, County MI, I got acquainted with Jerry Duffey. When the Ionia Free Fair was in progress, we both slept in the dormitory at the Youth Building on the fairgrounds--one of life's passages for teenage farm kids. We never became good friends, but he was the kind of kid you'd remember--energetic, friendly, a little goofy. A few years later, when I was a student at Michigan State University, my work-study job was delivering interdepartmental mail on campus. I distinctly remember delivering a Life Magazine that had Jerry's photo on the cover. It commemorated the first week in the Vietnam War when only one person died in battle. It was Jerry. It was a "there but for the grace of God go I" moment. His background was just like mine. As luck had it, I didn't have to go to war. Many years later, I went to see Jerry's name at the Vietnam Memorial. I still have the picture I took of it. My dad and some of my uncles are veterans, but every Memorial Day, Jerry stands out in my mind as the kind of American who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country.
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