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is honored on Panel 8W, Line 118 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • You are not forgotten

    Posted on 5/30/17 - by jerry sandwisch wood cty.ohio nam vet 1969-70 army 173rd abn bde
    The war may be forgotten but the warrior will always be remembered !!!! All gave Some-Some gave All. Rest in peace Paul. :-(
  • Final Mission of SP4 Paul A. Demaline

    Posted on 1/7/16 - by
    At approximately 1530 hours, August 17, 1970, a single UH-1H helicopter (serial number 67-17587) from the 119th Aviation Company departed from Landing Zone Powder. The crew included aircraft commander WO1 Merlyn L. Wentzel, pilot WO1 Patrick R. O’Brien, crew chief SP4 Richard K. Johnston, and gunner SP4 Raymond L. Stansbury II. The three passengers, SP4 Paul A. Demaline, PFC Robert A. Ater, and SP4 Chester A. Pudlo, were being flown to LZ North English, which is approximately 25 kilometers to the southeast of LZ Powder. SP4 Pudlo was being flown to LZ North English for DEROS processing (preparation for rotating home). The aircraft, rather than going to LZ North English, deviated from its course and flew toward the coast where it crashed. According to a witness, SGT Phan Boe, the aircraft approached the beach from the southwest on a heading of approximately 040 degrees. The aircraft was very low level over the river, below the crest of the sandbars on either side. The aircraft made an abrupt, climbing turn to the right, to avoid hitting a bamboo fishing tower near the east bank of the river. At this time the tail boom of the aircraft struck the top of the sandbar and the aircraft began to spin out of control. Further investigation revealed when the tail boom struck the sandbar, one of the tail rotor blades was torn loose, causing the aircraft to spin uncontrollably. It was in this spin that SP4 Pudlo, the only survivor, was thrown from the aircraft. After impacting left nose low, the tail boom, complete with 90 degree gearbox and one (1) tail rotor blade, was torn from the aircraft and came to rest, up-side down, approximately ten (10) meters to the west of the fuselage. The main rotor assembly came to rest on the west side of the sandbar at the edge of the river, approximately one hundred (100) meters from the fuselage. No fire resulted from the crash. As far as the post-crash investigation could determine, aircraft 67-17587 was not in radio contact immediately prior to the crash, nor was there a distress call. The bodies were taken to LZ English and later to Qui Nhon, where an autopsy was performed. SP4 Pudlo was examined and treated in the 67th Evacuation Hospital in Qui Nhon, RVN, then removed to Japan on August 19, 1970. At 1730 hours, August 17, 1970, 1LT Richard F. Stewart, the appointed investigating officer, arrived at the scene of the accident. He insured the security of the aircraft and had a military photographer take pictures of the crash site. Fuel and oil samples were not taken at this time because sample bottlers were not available. Rigging of the aircraft for extraction was postponed until the next afternoon due to impending darkness and inclement weather. Security was provided by elements of the 137rd Airborne Brigade. The aircraft was removed the following afternoon, August 18, 1970. [Taken from]
  • My cousin

    Posted on 11/17/15 - by Diana Morse
    Paul was a combination of a cousin, a big brother. I adored him. Losing him left an empty space in my heart, still feel the pain after all these years. He was always able to make us laugh, loved to play jokes on us. Miss him every day. RIP Paul. Love you.
  • My big brother

    Posted on 11/17/15 - by Sheila Demaline McCabe
    Paul is my big brother. I was ten years old when he died. He was an amazing person. He was so funny. He always made us laugh. I am very moved by the postings on this Wall. I miss him everyday and love him more than words can say. A piece of my heart is missing, but will some day be whole again the next time we meet.
  • paul

    Posted on 11/12/15 - by paul
    Well my Dad was his brother and he has told me many good stories about paul... I wish i could have known him... he sounds like a good man God Bless Paul Demailne my dad name(his brother) Is Darrel Demaline LOvE YOU PAUl
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