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  • Wall Name:RANDY M DAVIS
  • Date of Birth:9/7/1947
  • Date of Casualty:5/13/1970
  • Home of Record:BISHOPVILLE
  • County of Record:LEE COUNTY
  • State:SC
  • Branch of Service:ARMY
  • Rank:SSGT
  • Panel/Row:10W, 31
  • Casualty Province:QUANG NGAI


  • Date of Birth:7/1/1947
  • Date of Casualty:5/13/1970
  • Home of Record:PAWCATUCK
  • County of Record:NEW LONDON COUNTY
  • State:CT
  • Branch of Service:ARMY
  • Rank:SP4
  • Panel/Row:10W, 32
  • Casualty Province:


is honored on Panel 10W, Row 31 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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    Posted on 7/6/16 - by Linda Kachmar
    It has been a Very Sad Sad week...with the passing of your Nam Brother Steven "Doc" Knuboff on June 26, 2016.....who Loved and Missed you and his Nam Brothers Very Much...we all know Doc is at Peace now,cause he is with you My Love..and Allen, Richard,and David are all roommates once again.....I Love You Sooo Very Much and Missing You....Rest In Peace My Love, With Your Brothers
  • I LOVE YOU....June 18,2016

    Posted on 6/18/16 - by Linda Kachmar Linda Kachmar1967@GMail.Com
    I Love You...I know you hear me say I Love You all the time...Your Dear Friend Sandy sent me pictures of you, I am Truly Blessed to have them. I Love You With All My Heart & Soul...Missing you soooo very much, till we are able to be together again, Rest In Peace My Love.....I LOVE YOU
  • Memorial Day 2016

    Posted on 5/30/16 - by Linda Kachmar
    46 years ago on Memorial Day May,1970 you were laid to rest My Love, it also was raining like today,tears from Heaven and the tears that fall from my eyes everyday since you been gone.I am Truly Blessd,Sandy sent me pictures of you in Vietnam.I hold them close to my Heart,till I can hold you again and never let you go. God Bless You....Rest In Peace My Love
  • A Great Friend

    Posted on 5/29/16 - by Sandy
    Just wanted to say hello to you my Dear Friend,it's been 46 yrs and there is no way I will ever forget you Allen and Richard. I think about you guys every day and I miss you all very much. Until we meet again God bless
  • Belated Birthday Wishes!

    Posted on 5/19/16 - by
    Belated Birthday Wishes to you in heaven dear cousin. You sacrificed your entire life for our Country! Thank you for your brave service! Til we all meet again, Rest In Peace!
  • Remembering An American Hero

    Posted on 5/19/16 - by Curt Carter
    Dear SP4 Edward John Delikat Jr, sir

    As an American, I would like to thank you for your service and for your sacrifice made on behalf of our wonderful country. The youth of today could gain much by learning of heroes such as yourself, men and women whose courage and heart can never be questioned.

    May God allow you to read this, and may He allow me to someday shake your hand when I get to Heaven to personally thank you. May he also allow my father to find you and shake your hand now to say thank you; for America, and for those who love you.

    With respect, Sir

    Curt Carter
  • May 13,2016...MISSING YOU EVER SO MUCH

    Posted on 5/13/16 - by Linda Kachmar
    It is now 46 years today,you were taken away from me and all who Love You.I can see the bop in your walk,the smile on your face ,hear your laugh and watching you tapping your hands on the table to a song you liked.I think of you every day and I have these precious memories of us together. I Love You With All My Heart...Rest In Peace My Love
  • A True Friend

    Posted on 5/13/16 - by Sandy
    After 46 yrs I still miss you and the rest of the guys that were taken away from us.In the last year I have had the pleasure of meeting your girlfriend Diner Girl,we have been helping each other remembering the good times we each had with you.God Bless You and the rest of the guys that were taken from us.
  • Happy Birthday My Love...April 13,2016

    Posted on 4/13/16 - by Linda Kachmar Linda Kachmar1967@gMAIL.COM
    A lot has happen since your last Birthday,but you already know that.Thank You SweetHeart for helping me fine Sandy,Glenn,Nick,Dave and Doc.Your Brothers In Arms who Love and Miss You Very Much.I Wish every day that you were here with me.Missing You So Very Much.I Love You With All My Heart...Rest In Peace My Love
  • A True Friend

    Posted on 4/7/16 - by
    Well old Friend your Birthday is coming up and I going to wish you an early Birthday Wish.I wish you were here with us who miss you and still love you very much.Say hello to Allen and Richard for me.Happy Birthday.
  • Valentine's Day 2016

    Posted on 2/14/16 - by Linda Kachmar
    Loving You With All My Heart From The First Day We Met,You Are My Valentine Every Day.You Will Always Be My Deli I Will Always Be Your Girl From The Diner...Rest In Peace My Love...I Love You
  • Thinking of You

    Posted on 1/6/16 - by Daniel and Irene Darmetko
    We will never forget that terrible day when your mom received the news of your death......watching the military men walking to your front door with the news! She knew immediately you were gone when she saw the military at her door. So young, so brave. The news took a part of your mom which lasted until her death last year. Losing a child at any age kills a part of you inside. Being your cousin's fiancé at the time of your death, I never met you personally but attended your wake and funeral and visit your grave. I listened to many wonderful stories of you, your brother and father hunting. You now have both your parents with you. Rest in Eternal Peace.

    Your cousins
    Dan and Irene
  • Memorial Day 2015

    Posted on 6/17/15 - by Linda Kachmar LINDAKACHMAR1967@GMAIL.COM
    My Dear Eddie,
    I went to the Wall in D.C. this Memorial Day to give Honor to you and all our Fallen Heroes. God Bless You, God Bless them all-Rest in Peace my Love with the Warriors. Forever Yours, Linda
  • Missing You May 13, 2015

    Posted on 5/13/15 - by Linda Kachmar
    My Eddie,
    Another year has passed since you were taken a way from me and all who love you and whose hearts you touched. My heart is your home - Missing you ever so much. Rest in peace my love.
    Forever Yours.
    Love you,

  • Forever Young ~ April 13,2015

    Posted on 4/13/15 - by Linda
    My Dear Eddie,
    May all the stars be your candles to light the sky above on this day. Happy Birthday. You are with me everyday. Happy Birthday. God Bless You. Love you always.
    (Correction of my remembrance below. The question marks were suppose to be a heart.)
  • Forever Young ~ April 13, 2015

    Posted on 4/13/15 - by Linda
    My Dear Eddie,
    May all the stars be your candles to light the sky above on this day. Happy Birthday. You are with me every day. God Bless You. Love you forever! ??
  • To My Best Friend Eddie

    Posted on 4/13/15 - by Sandy Jusino
    After all this years I can not forget you, that's how much I value our friendship. I'm so sorry you were taken away at a young age and I miss you.I just wanted to say Happy Birthday
  • Valentines 2015

    Posted on 2/14/15 - by Linda Kachmar
    To my Eddie,
    I love you with all my heart, always and forever.
    God bless you.
  • Anniversary in Heaven

    Posted on 5/13/14 - by Linda Kachmar
    My dear Eddie. You are a brave hero that was taken too soon from this Earth. It has been 44 years but it seems like yesterday. You live in my heart always. God bless you. Rest in Peace. I love you. LInda
  • Happy Valentine's Day Eddie

    Posted on 2/14/14 - by Linda Kachmar
    My dearest Eddie,
    You will never be forgotten. You are in my heart every day, remembering all the wonderful times we had together. From the girl who loves in peace with the warriors. ------Linda
  • Photo

    Posted on 12/27/12

    (Photo Credit: Sandy Jusino)

    Rest in peace with the warriors.

  • We Remember

    Posted on 3/7/11 - by Robert Sage
    Ed is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, Bergen County, NJ.
  • Photo

    Posted on 3/3/11
    Rest in peace with the warriors. (Photo Credit: Steven Knuboff)
  • Remembered

    Posted on 3/3/11
    Doc Knuboff and Ed Delikat (KIA 13-May-70) horsing around in front of the mortar bunker on Hill 4-11. (Dec 69) (Photo Credit: Steven Knuboff) Rest in peace with the warriors.
  • Never Forgotten

    Posted on 4/3/06 - by Bill Nelson

    "If you are able, save for them a place inside of you....and save one backward glance when you are leaving for the places they can no longer go.....Be not ashamed to say you loved them....
    Take what they have left and what they have taught you with their dying and keep it with your own....And in that time when men decide and feel safe to call the war insane, take one moment to embrace those gentle heroes you left behind...."

    Quote from a letter home by Maj. Michael Davis O'Donnell
    KIA 24 March 1970. Distinguished Flying Cross: Shot down and Killed while attempting to rescue 8 fellow soldiers surrounded by attacking enemy forces.

    We Nam Brothers pause to give a backward glance, and post this remembrance to you, one of the gentle heroes lost to the War in Vietnam:

    Slip off that pack. Set it down by the crooked trail. Drop your steel pot alongside. Shed those magazine-ladened bandoliers away from your sweat-soaked shirt. Lay that silent weapon down and step out of the heat. Feel the soothing cool breeze right down to your soul ... and rest forever in the shade of our love, brother.

    From your Nam-Band-Of-Brothers
  • Army Spec. 4, Edward J. Delikat Jr.

    Posted on 2/9/03 - by Joe Stachelski
    Army Spec. 4, Edward J. Delikat Jr., was the 23rd Bayonne serviceman to be killed in the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam. In a telegram sent by Defense Department officials, Delikat had been killed when his outfit was ambushed while returning to its base near Duc Pho. Delikat was serving with Company A, 3rd Battalion, 1st Infantry of the American Division's 11th Light Infantry Brigade.
  • We Remember You

    Posted on 5/13/02 - by Richard Cumberland
    Edward has not been forgotten.
    He has sacrificed his young life and his entire future, so that we can embrace the freedom that is America.
    God bless you Edward.

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