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is honored on Panel 27E, Line 63 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Brave Pilot

    Posted on 3/1/18 - by Dean Carter
    From A 1995 Press Report:

    The remains of a Vietnam War-era pilot whose F-4 fighter crashed into the North Vietnamese jungle 28 years ago have been found, identified and returned to the United States, according to his widow. Air Force Colonel Ivan D. Appleby and his navigator, William Austin, were on a combat mission October 7, 1967, when a surface-to-air missile blasted their fighter plane.

    Austin was able to eject safely and was captured. Appleby's remains were returned to the United States at the end of last month.

    "There's going to be a ceremony December 8, 1995 at Arlington National Cemetery, and my children and I will be going there for that," Shirley Appleby said Thursday. The Applebys' children - Bonnie, Jay and Andrea - were 11, 10 and 8, respectively, when the family was told that their father's plane had been shot down.
  • Lost but not forgotten

    Posted on 2/2/17 - by john griffiths
    I wore Col. Appleby's bracelet for about 20 years. I left it at the wall and later was told by an attendant not to leave it for an MIA, but rather save and return it to his family when and if his remains were found. I have been advised, by revisiting the wall that his remains were in fact found. I still have the bracelet and would very much like to get it to the family I am afraid of opening old wounds for them also. Maybe someone can advise me...
  • Remembered

    Posted on 9/19/16 - by Lucy Conte Micik
  • POW Bracelet of Lt. Col. Van Appleby

    Posted on 1/11/16 - by Linda from Pittsburgh
    Found my bracelet while cleaning my attic yesterday and decided to try and look him up. I did not know that this site existed. It's amazing to see a photo of him. Prayers for him and to his family. Bless him for his sacrifice.
  • Smithsonian honors Lt. Colonel Ivan Appleby the lll

    Posted on 11/12/15 - by Deborah Gargus
    I too wore his bracelet and guarded it with my life that is was never to come off my arm until his return home. When I was a kid and heard our soldiers were coming home and they would be airing their return on TV, I perched in front of our TV, our Soldiers, worn, torn and thin descending down those airplane steps onto the tarmac as their names where being announced and the Colonels name was never given, my heart was heavy. Years had past and I was still wearing his bracelet, I had moved to Washington DC for my first job and during this time the Memorial Wall was being presented and dedicated, I went, I found his name on the Wall, thousands of people in attendance, many tears, many emotions, myself as well saddened by the days events. While running my fingers over his name on the wall someone approached me and saw my bracelet. Not many of us still had the bracelets on our arms at that time, so many years had past, he told me he was from the Smithsonian and would I mind giving the Museum his bracelet to be displayed with the others from that day of dedication. I removed his Name from my Arm but not my Heart and now I know HE will always be Seen and Honored by many in the Smithsonian. It was such a great thing to have happen to a Man I never knew, but will Always Honor. RIP Lt. Colonel Ivan Appleby the lll, thank you for your service.
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The Wall of Faces

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