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is honored on Panel 29E, Line 9 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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  • Thank You

    Posted on 4/20/18 - by Lucy Micik
    Dear Lcpl Patrick Dearborn,
    Thank you for your service as a Rifleman. It is so important for us all to acknowledge the sacrifices of those like you who answered our nation's call. Please watch over America, it stills needs your strength, courage and faithfulness. Rest in peace with the angels.
  • Final Mission of LCPL Patrick J. Dearborn

    Posted on 1/20/17 - by
    At approximately 2:00 AM on November 2, 1967, a Viet Cong force composed of 100 to 150 men launched an attack on the 28 Marines based on Hill 25, a little patch of high ground in Quang Nam Province, RVN. Under a mortar barrage, and greatly outnumbering the defenders, the aggressors immediately breached the defenses and surged over the top of the hill. Fighting quickly developed into hand to hand combat between the Viet Cong and Marines at close quarters, and the sounds of automatic gun fire resonated in the darkness of the night. About three miles away on Hill 52, the sight of tracers and sounds of the battle could both be seen and heard, so the Marines there quickly put on their fighting gear, loaded down on ammunition, and prepared to rescue their brothers under attack. Red and green tracers were seen crisscrossing the sky, the sound of gunfire, and explosions from the direction of Hill 25 caused all major concern for the Marines who were in the fight of their lives. Everyone on Hill 52 was impatient to reach their comrades and reinforce them, but an order came down for everyone to get into their fighting holes and prepare for an attack. There would be no rescue on that night. Despite the planning and the overwhelming strength of numbers, the enemy underestimated the leadership and resolve of the Marine defenders on Hill 25. With his situation desperate, SSGT Bolton, the NCO in charge of the small force of Marines, realized that his position was perilous, and that the defenders would be overwhelmed in a very short period of time. He decided to act, and called in support that could provide death to all who remained on the hill. He radioed for Marine artillery which would ultimately break the attack and save his beleaguered Marines. Bolton requested a 105mm variable time-fuse airburst to be fired over his position on Hill 25. The artillery officer was stunned, and said his request was suicidal. With no time to lose, Bolton told him, "If you don't, the VC are going to kill us all anyway. Fire for effect, dammit!". The artillery barrage finally broke the aggressors attack and the Marine survivors managed to drive the enemy off the hill. The command decision not to reinforce the Marines on Hill 25 proved to be the right one, and probably saved many more casualties. The next morning, when reinforcements arrived on Hill 25, the Marines discovered that all the avenues of approach to the hill were mined. Fortified positions with automatic weapon fields of fire were uncovered, and there was ample evidence that a large Viet Cong force had been waiting to ambush any rescue attempt by Marines the previous night. Enemy dead littered the area, and not much remained of the Marine defensive positions. Of the 28 Marines that were on Hill 25 the previous night, 10 were dead and the rest were wounded. This was the last battle fought on Hill 25, it was decided to abandon the hill that the Marines defended the previous night. The Mike Company, 2nd Platoon Marines killed in defense of Hill 25 included CPL Willet R. Amendola, LCPL Glen D. Bates, LCPL Patrick J. Dearborn, PFC James G. Edinger, PVT Stephan J. Fiducioso, LCPL Davis A. Jones, LCPL Gerald Kropidlowski, PFC Robert E. Moore, LCPL Dana A. Pitts, and SGT David H. Shoemaker. [Taken from]
  • I'm proud of our Vietnam Veterans

    Posted on 11/17/16 - by Dennis Wriston
    Lance Corporal Patrick John Dearborn, Served with the 2nd Platoon, Company M, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Third Marine Amphibious Force.
  • Semper Fidelis

    Posted on 11/2/15 - by A US Marine, Vietnam
    Semper Fidelis, Marine.
  • lance corporal patrick j dearborn

    Posted on 4/29/15 - by john thyret
    Never forgot you fact, I think of you more as time goes on....JT
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