View the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Board of Directors


Jim Knotts, President and Chief Executive Officer  CONTACT
Lee AllenChief Operating Officer   CONTACT
Viktor Zikas, Chief Development Officer CONTACT
Latosha AdamsSocial Media and Strategic Communications Specialist - ext. 104 CONTACT
*Adam Arbogast, Senior Director, Direct Response and Digital Strategy - ext. 113 CONTACT
Jason Bain, Senior Collections Curator CONTACT
Ashley Barnes, Assistant Collections Curator CONTACT
Kamrin Brown, Accounting Clerk CONTACT
Col. Steve Delp USA (Ret.), Senior Advisor of Outreach - ext. 112 CONTACT
Reema Ghazi, Education Specialist - ext. 120 CONTACT
Keisha Hill, Staff Accountant CONTACT
Cynthia Long, The Wall That Heals Program Manager - ext. 102 CONTACT
Luz Lovins, Director of Development CONTACT
Shalay Mangin, Office Manager - ext. 100 CONTACT
*Patrick O'NeillThe Wall That Heals Site Manager - ext. 114 CONTACT
Tim Tetz, Director of Outreach - ext. 116 CONTACT
Mina Tobin, Development Database Manager CONTACT
JoAnn Waller, Director of Events - ext. 106 CONTACT
Heidi ZimmermanDirector of Communications - ext. 118 CONTACT
*These members of the staff are not based in Washington, D.C.