Preservation and Care of the Memorial Site

VVMF takes an active role concerning the physical needs of The Wall, The Three Servicemen statue and flagpole, and the rest of the three-acre site on which the Vietnam Veterans Memorial rests.

Services provided by VVMF include the insurance of The Wall against damages, provision of copies of the Directory of Names to assist visitors on-site, Wall cleaning and maintenance. VVMF also adds names to The Wall and makes status changes for those whose remains have been returned home.

On an annual basis, VVMF inscribes new names on the Memorial. We also change the symbols denoting status on The Wall of those listed as Missing in Action as remains are recovered from Vietnam. We pay for the updates and production of new editions of the Name Directories and provide copies to the National Park Service (NPS) for use at The Wall. VVMF also provides other assistance as needed, ranging from light bulbs to supplies and recognition for the Volunteer Guides. VVMF also provides insurance to repair any catastrophic damage to the Memorial. We coordinate and co-sponsor Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies at The Wall with NPS.

Significant VVMF Activities at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

VVMF commissioned Hager-Richter Geoscience, Inc. to conduct an analysis of the cause of hairline cracks that began developing in The Wall in 1983.
1991 VVMF purchased a stainless steel welder for NPS to use to repair the lighting fixtures at the Memorial.
1992 VVMF completed renovations to the walkways at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at a cost exceeding $125,000.
1997 Parsons Brinckerhoff completed its Engineering Study after being hired by VVMF to spend a year monitoring the structural stresses and other engineering issues related to the structural integrity of The Wall.
1998 VVMF purchased hoses and other cleaning materials for NPS to use cleaning the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial.
2000 VVMF offered $100,000 to the National Park Service for issues related to maintenance at The Wall.
2000 VVMF began Echoes From The Mall – a program providing teachers guides at the Vietnam and Korean War Veterans Memorials.
2001 VVMF provided $73,434 to fund research on a replacement for the lighting system at The Wall.
2001 VVMF provided Name Directories and a printer for use by National Park Service at The Wall.
2002 VVMF hired a team of experienced architects and planners – J.C. Cummings, AIA; Professor George Dickie of Penn State University; and renowned landscape architect Henry Arnold –  to design a plaque as requested by Congress in PL106-214.
2002 VVMF hired Power Solutions to maintain the current lighting system – changing lights and gaskets on a weekly basis.
2003 VVMF worked with FLEX-IN Corporation to place laminated weather-proof directories at The Wall.
2003 VVMF hired Stuart Dean Co. to clean and preserve the Vietnam Veterans Memorial flagpole and base.
2004 VVMF completed a $1.2 million lighting system installment and Three ServicemenStatue Plaza renovation project.
2004 VVMF had all paving at The Wall removed and re-set and provided NPS with a large amount of stone dust to assist with the care of The Wall paving. The stone dust was custom crushed in South Dakota specifically for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
2007 VVMF hired FLEX-IN Corporation to produce 10 laminated weather-proof directories to have available at The Wall.
2009 VVMF began a major effort to renovate the grass and other landscaping at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site and some of the surrounding areas: 13.5 acres in all. 
2009 VVMF hired Stuart Dean Co. to refinish the Vietnam Veterans Memorial flagpole and base and five directory stands.
2010 VVMF hired New Arts Foundry to complete a $100,000 restoration of the Three Servicemen statue.
  VVMF re-engaged Hager-Richter to conduct a week-long evaluation of new and existing cracks in the granite walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  VVMF continued to care for the lawn at and around the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This work includes aerating, seeding, weed control and, in a few select areas, laying new sod. VVMF also contracted to water the areas at and around the Memorial not reached by the sprinkler system as needed.
2011 VVMF partners with the National Park Service on the restoration and improvement of the In Memory plaque located in the Three Servicemen statue plaza.
2013 VVMF partners with Imlay International, LLC to create new synthetic material directories that are more resistent to tearing and have a significant shelf life.