In Memory Weekend FAQ


When is the 2018 Ceremony?

Will VVMF pay for my travel to Washington DC?
No, VVMF cannot pay for or arrange your travel to Washington DC. We do provide transportation from the hotel to and from the Ceremony.  

How long is the ceremony?          
Ceremony length depends on how many veterans are being honored each year. The last veteran whose name is being read should have the same respect as the first name being read. We ask that all attendees stay for the entire ceremony. The ceremony begins promptly at 10:00 am on Saturday morning.  Plan to arrive by 9:45am to check in.

Will there be seating at the ceremony?
Yes there will be seating at the ceremony.  

How far is it from the bus drop-off to the ceremony location?
The bus drop off is about 500 feet from the ceremony.  This is as close as the bus can get.

How far away are the bathrooms?
The closest bathrooms are about 300 feet from the ceremony location.

Will there be wheelchairs available?
No, VVMF does not provide wheelchairs.  The ceremony area is wheelchair accessible. Please note that it is in grassy area on a hill and can be somewhat difficult to maneuver - especially if the ground is wet.

What is the dress code?    
Attire ranges from casual dress to church dress.  We recommend that you dress for the weather.  The ceremony will be held rain or shine.  Should it rain, the area can become muddy.  We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes that are not easily damaged.    

It can be VERY hot during the ceremony as it takes place in the open field near The Memorial, there is there limited shade.  We recommend that you bring at least 1 bottle of water for each member of your party.  Hats and sunscreen are also strongly recommended. Please dress appropriately and monitor the weather reports prior to the event.

Can I say my Honorees name at the Ceremony?
Yes, you will be reading your loved one’s name during the “In Memory Honor Roll Call.”  Our Master of Ceremonies will indicate when the reading of the names will begin.  When you are at the microphone, please read your loved one’s name only. You may add their relationship to you, for example, “my husband, John Doe.”  Out of respect to other families, please refrain from making additional remarks.

What is the Tribute?        
The Tribute is a 9 x 12 framed certificate created by VVMF that contains the Honoree’s photos and other information provided with the application.

What do I do with the Tribute?
You take the tribute home as a lasting keepsake.

Will there be a photographer?
Yes, VVMF will have a professional photographer at the Ceremony.  The photos will be available (about one week after the Ceremony) for purchase on our website. Click here to see last year’s photos.  You will also be able to purchase copies of the Tribute.

Will my loved one be honored if I am not in attendance?
Yes, a volunteer will say your Honoree's name during the Roll Call and we will send you one yearbook and one copy of the tribute (not in a frame.)

Will this event be televised?
No, this will not be televised.

Will this event be live streamed?
At this time we plan to live stream the ceremony on our Facebook page.

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